Soup can make you thin and keep you thin!

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For many years I have championed the inclusion of soup in my diets for fast, nourishing and effective fat loss and during the colder months of the year they really come into their own as the ideal and delightfully-comforting way to shed some excess pounds.

blazing hot tomato soup
Blazing hot tomato soup


Based on my bestselling book, Soup Can Make You Thin and to ‘get you into the soup groove’, I am offering i the stylist readers the opportunity to download my fast track 6 Soups! 6 Days! 6 Pounds Lost! diet absolutely free! There are 6 soup recipes – you can try them all or simply pick your favourites, you should aim to have 2 to 3 bowls or 5 to 6 mugs of soup per day and if you balk at the idea of soup for breakfast (although I heartily recommend you try it – it’s a staple in many cultures!) there is a muesli alternative.


parsley soup with chicken nuggets
Parsley soup with chicken nuggets


Tasty soups are hard to beat when you want to lose weight and the wealth of choice knows no limits! Chunky soups offer a satisfyingly-nutritious meal in a bowl, smooth, creamy soups are wonderfully-warming and keep our energy levels topped up and light broths take the edge off hunger in record time so there’s plenty to get your spoon into! I urge you to get the soup pot out and make your chosen soups in batches, refrigerate or freeze them in portions – they are all quick and easy – and look forward to 6 days of delicious fat loss!”


thai curry sweet potato soup
Thai curry sweet potato soup


Why can Soup Make You Thin and Keep You Thin?

  • good soups offer nutritionally-balanced meals in a bowl and are easy on the digestion
  • good soups fill you up fast and keep cravings at bay
  • good soups keep you hydrated allowing essential nutrients to be efficiently absorbed so you fire on all cylinders all day
  • good soups are easy to transport so you always have your next meal or snack within reach
  • good soups mean less calories are consumed in a day as the combination of liquid and solid food keeps the stomach stretched for longer so hunger doesn’t strike
  • good soups provide vital but not health-disrupting levels of salt in your diet
  • good soups are delicious and diverse ensuring diet boredom doesn’t invade


light chicken or lentil broth
Light chicken or lentil broth


The brilliant Brian Wansink, a Cornell University professor who spends much of his time doing brilliantly-mischievous experiments based around the psychology of eating, wrote a book, Mindless Eating: Why We Eat More Than We Think (which I highly recommend you read). Over the years, he has done experiments with everything from different-sized plates and glasses to why we often lose track of how much we are eating. There is one experiment that is particularly pertinent here…


The Bottomless Soup Bowl Study


Participants were seated at a table, four at a time to eat soup but what they didn’t know was that two of the four bowls were attached to a tube underneath the table which slowly and progressively refilled the bowls. Those eating from the ‘bottomless’ bowls consumed an incredible 73 percent more soup than those eating from the normal bowls, estimated that they had consumed 140.5kcals fewer that they actually had and astonishingly, didn’t feel any fuller than the others! Brian believes, and many of his experiments clearly show that we often ‘eat with our eyes’ and offers a wealth of clever tips and tricks on how we can stop eating more than we think.


For the purposes and success of this diet, I recommend a ‘bowl of soup’ is no more than 350ml and a ‘mug of soup’ is no more than 250ml.


soup can make you thin


Click here to download your 6 Soups! 6 Days! 6 Pounds Lost! diet including all recipes and you will also find more details of my books, Soup Can Make You Thin and Soup Can Make You Thin: The Cookbook once you decide to make soup a regular part of your diet and your life!







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Fiona’s mission over the last 16 years since qualifying as a nutritional therapist at the Institute for Optimum Nutrition in London has been to guide those who are seeking a path to follow by working tirelessly to not only keep up to speed with the latest nutritional research but also to give her readers and followers a no-nonsense take on what it all really means when it comes to making decisions about what, when and how to eat to improve their health and if required, lose weight. With 16 books on diet, health and fat loss to her name, Fiona regards it as her ‘daily duty’ to keep us informed and encourage us to spend just as much time as we can possibly afford making a few changes to our diet and reaping some very big rewards with regard to our health and happiness for many years to come!

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