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The ink had barely dried on her degree certificate but fashion graduate Nikita Karizma had already commissioned pieces for Alexandra Burke, JLS and Little Mix.  Coming from a family of fashion designers it was always in her blood.  i the stylist caught up with the bubbly designer for a quick Q & A…


Q: What’s the first thing you do each morning on a typical work day?

A: If designing then listen to music, zone out and meditate while creating ideas.  Otherwise check my emails!


Q: Had you not studied fashion – what other discipline would you like to have studied and why?

A: I almost fell into maths & economics as I had a way with numbers at high school.  I have however always had a love for the arts, mixed media, film, design, crafts so it was inevitable it would have always been a big part of my life.


Q: You only graduated last year but already you’ve been commissioned to work with some of the biggest pop acts in the country and you’ve had attention from Grazia, Volt and Schon. How are you planning on maintaining the interest in your work?

A: The fashion world is very subjective, I will always stay true to myself as a designer and hope that people like my work.  I am currently working on my first range Collection Riot and hoping to make an anti violence statement with it.


Q: What’s the biggest obstacle you face as a young, independent designer?

A: Learning about all aspects of the industry, press, sales, marketing, branding… it is a lot to take in straight out of college but I love learning about it all and see launching the brand as a healthy challenge.


Q: If you could be a fly on the wall of any designers workshop – whose would you choose and why?

A: A mix of Jeremy Scott, KTZ and The Blonds! I love all of their work, very unique, customised and individualised designers.

Fashion designers Phillipe Blond & David Blond

Q: What’s the last fashion faux pas you made?

A: Probably a lot in my studio, it definitely is a trial and error process for me not to be shared with the world.


Q: If you could bring back any fashion trend what would it be?

A: Individualising women’s fashion. I feel in the current age people are very influenced by trend and many girls end up looking like clones of the high street machine.


Q: If you could ban any fashion item – what would it be and why?

A: Ugg boots. I don’t see the point of them and never understood their appeal.


Q: December is nearly upon us  – what will be your new year’s resolution?

A: To stay motivated every day in order to spread a positive message in the very material world that we live in today.


Q: What can we expect from Nikita Karizma in 2013?

A: The launch of Collection Riot, celebrity commissions, collaborate with other designers, an e-commerce website and a powerful social fashion statement.


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