Started From The Bottom: Ellie Goulding

It’s been a long time since the days when we associated Ellie Goulding to Doc Martens, general cuteness and pink hair. She has since evolved into a respectable fashion icon and front row seater at LFW.


But let’s take a look into her past to see some of the fashion choices that prove that thanks to a good stylist “Anything can happen”.



Here she is at the 2010 Brit Awards looking startled and lacking confidence in an outfit that I would deem more suitable for a date night rather than the Brit Awards.


Throughout 2010 and 2011 we see the ‘Anything Could Happen’ singer constantly in black clothing, maybe because at the time she was uncomfortable with her weight and we all know that black is the best colour for those dreaded ‘fat’ days.



Also in 2011 we see her appear again at the Brit Awards in a Vivienne Westwood cream frock. Now, I like the dress and I also like the way she wore it casually and how the subtle hues of pink in her ash blonde hair seem to match the gown. However I do feel that Ellie doesn’t quite seem confident in the gown and it’s one of those dresses that cover her up, like the dress is wearing her rather than the opposite.

Ellie Goulding Vivienne westwood

In 2012 we see her rocking golden blonde locks again and consequently 2013 was a year of great fashion decisions for the Scottish singer.

We see her appear at the 2013 VMA’s in a completely spiked out gown, which is somehow girly and flattering as well.


In Cannes in 2013 she wore a Patricia Bonaldi fully beaded silver number, which is when I realised that DAMN this girl has got style!!


Ellie Goulding also shows us that she can rock casual chic at the 2013 Jingle Bell Ball, as we see her wearing an alphabet skirt, a personal favourite of mine, paired with a white printed tee.


And finally at the 2014 MTV Music Awards we see her looking absolutely angelic in all white.


So let’s hope that the days of Dr Martens and all black have been left to ‘burn burn burn’ in the past.

By: Pamela @PamelaCapone

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