Tattooed model Stephen James is our MCM

Man Crush Monday: Stephen James

Footballer turned Elite model, Stephen James is taking over fashion.  He’s most likely recognised for his sculpted physic covered in tattoos of geometric patterns, realistic portraits and religious idols. James was first scouted by Elite Barcelona. He has been seen everywhere from ASOS to GQ Germany and has built a bad boy reputation online followed by millions.  With that said, he’s our Man Crush Monday this week. Get to know him with some titbits below…


Why we love him…


Stephen James


Least likely to…be in the spotlight. With his growing success, Stephen had to learn to be more approachable and open with others. Before modelling the 26-year-old was considered very shy!


Stephen James


Impress him with…art. The popular model has a whole arm dedicated to Dalí paintings. While in Barcelona, James gained a passion for Dalí and his personality which mirrored his own.


Stephen James


Mention…the Smiths. The rising model is a big fan of their music and has been influenced by their lyrics. Each of his inspirations are tatted along his arm, following a British-theme.


Stephen James


And another thing…Stephen has dedicated a lot of his time towards fitness. After attending a Mr. Universe competition, the physically fit model wants to challenge the steroid ridden industry with pure personal hard work.



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