REVIEW: stylPro Makeup Brush Cleaner and Dryer 

stylPro Makeup Brush Cleaner and Dryer 

Price: £49.99



  • Quick to set up, use and dismantle
  • Has 8 adapters to suit different sized brushes
  • Does the job; brushes are cleaned quickly and dry within seconds
  • Needs very little product and the box offers 2 x 10ml sachets of the stylPro Makeup Brush Cleanser — which are enough for 1 use each — but you can use any brush cleanser you’d prefer
  • Lightweight and easy to use


  • Will take up a bit of space in your makeup kit bag if you want to take it on the job
  • You’ll need to keep on top of your rechargeable batteries supply as it battery operated only. It’s not a mains charged device
  • Although there’s effectively no damage to your brushes, you’ll need to carefully reshape them after they dry as the bristles will lose some of their original shape

They say:

To avoid build-up of germs, professionals recommend cleaning your makeup brushes once a week. But when did you last clean your makeup brushes? The problem is traditional cleaning methods are messy, laborious and can leave brushes wet and unusable for up to 24 hours.

Now available in limited edition metallic Rose Gold – StylPro Limited, invented by BBC Apprentice Winner Tom Pellereau, cleans and dries all makeup brush types in seconds, leaving brushes clean and ready to reuse straight away.

Washes and Dries Makeup Brushes in under 30 Seconds – No more labouring over hand washing brushes and waiting hours for them to dry. The StylPro leaves them clean and dry in under 30 seconds, ready to use.

New shape, integrated Spindle and new on/off switch – While still boasting all the benefits of the StylPro Original including Centrifugal Spin Technology, the StylPro Limited sees the introduction of a new shape, integral connection spindle and on/off switch, making it even more ergonomic and user friendly.

Works with both synthetic and natural hair brushes – The StylPro can wash and dry both natural and synthetic hair brushes.  Leaving them ready to use straight away.

Unbreakable Tritan™ Bowl – The StylPro bowl is made from unbreakable Tritan™, which is also dishwasher safe, which saves time handwashing the bowl afterwards and no more worrying about dropping it.

8 flexible silicone collars – The range of collars means that there will be a collar to fit all standard style makeup brushes. (Not suitable for double ended or flat brushes).


Follow the above 5 steps once a week for amazingly clean brushes and healthy skin:

1. Select the best fitting collar. There are 8 to choose from.
2. Attach the collar to the StylPro device.
3. For water-soluble makeup (for example: blusher, bronzer and loose powder), squeeze a small amount your preferred liquid soap into the bowl. Add water to the bowl until the water level is half the height of the brush bristles.
For non-water soluble makeup (for example foundation), add one sachet (10ml) of StylPro Makeup Brush Cleanser into the bowl.
4. Softly dunk the brush up and down in the liquid, pressing the brush lightly into the bowl to open the bristles slightly. Whilst gently pressing the brush down in the bowl, switch on the StylPro. Slowly move the brush up and down for 10 seconds, keeping the brush underneath the liquid level at all times.
5. Gradually lift the spinning brush out of the liquid (but keep inside the bowl) and leave it to spin above the liquid level. As the brush lifts from the dirty liquid, the bristles will splay out and you will see the water/cleanser and dirt being spun out of the brush. Leave the brush spinning above the liquid. After 10 seconds switch off the StylPro. Your brush will be clean and dry.

We say:

The stylPro Makeup Brush Cleaner and Dryer was created by inventor and ex-Apprentice winner Tom Pellereau. The company — which is part-owned by Sir Alan Sugar — focuses on reinventing beauty accessories. As a professional makeup artist my biggest prior concern with this device was what the spin speed would do to the shape of my brushes bristles. This was confirmed when I used it — but not as bad as I had feared. They were a little misshapen and in need of some extra TLC.

They don’t recommend this gadget for double-ended or flat handle brushes; and I can see why. They will definitely not fit in the adapting collars. If you’re purchasing this device for personal use only and the majority of your brushes are flat handle or double-ended, then you’ll be wasting your money as you won’t be able to use it. Even some regular shaped brushes with a bit of a chunkier handle were sometimes hard to fit properly and remove; as one size proved too wide for it not to fall off and the next size down was a bit too snug.

Also I’m a bit concerned about the durability of the device itself with continued use; as these types of devices tend to burn out. How well will the device’s mechanics hold over time?

All that said, the device does do what it says on the tin. I found that more compact and fluffier brushes needed a bit more spin time to properly dry than the recommended 10 seconds. Also, heavier duty makeup, like foundation, etc, needed a bit more time to be properly removed from the bristles.  Remember to change your cleansing fluid in-between brushes for better cleansing.

But, my oh my, did it save me LOADS of time on washing my brushes at the end of each day! Us makeup artists spend hours on our feet when we are in studio or on location shooting. The last thing we want to do when we get home is spend another few hours at the sink washing our brushes. This baby definitely cuts that time down to nearly nothing! No more stressing about the dreaded task after an already long day.



The limited edition device in Rose Gold itself is quite attractive, the packaging is practical more than aesthetically pleasing, with a clear plastic box over a cardboard one with the images and instructions for the device. 4 Stars


Does as it’s meant to. 5 Stars

Value for Money:

Depends on your overall investment in your makeup kit. For professional use, it’s fairly inexpensive, even if you add in the eventual additional cost of batteries. For personal use, might be over most people’s beauty budget. 4 Stars

Buy or Bye:


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