Surviving the Office Party

The Rules of the Game

With the holiday season fast approaching and all those opportunities to EAT and DRINK being thrown at us you need to apply will power to not end up ‘carrying a little holiday weight’. This includes the dreaded office party.

There are six simple rules to follow that will have you waking up on New Year’s Day feeling terrific and smug while those all around you are either clutching their heads or their middles…

Rule 1.

Start taking milk thistle this very week. This is a natural supplement from the daisy family. The black seeds are used to treat chronic liver diseases and liver inflammation. Milk thistle has an anti-oxidant that gives it the ability to remove toxic chemicals from the body known as free radicals. It also promotes liver rejuvenation and the repair of the cells of the liver so it can off set that extra drink or two.
Stress is another top ailment at this time of year – worrying about what to wear can take it right out of you… this is where milk thistle can help by acting as a tonic to reduce stressful conditions in the body. Actually it’s not a bad supplement to take all year round.
Try to find one that has the words ‘Standardised herbal extract’ on the label. This means it is a very pure extract for maximum benefit.

Rule 2.

If you don’t like alcohol then bypass this rule. Some who may only have the occasional drink will find themselves in situations where more than one is pressed upon them and taunts of ‘Come on don’t be party pooper’ will ring in the air. Be strong.
Champagne is offered as the ultimate party drink. While this is good news, with champagne at 70 calories a glass, the bad news is that alcohol mixed with carbonated anything hits the blood stream at an alarming rate making you feel drunker faster. Plus it has now been touted that the first glass out of a freshly popped bottle has the most oomph. Reach for a glass of wine instead. Both colours have a similar calorie count.
If you start in on the spirits then the calorie count sky rockets to 222 calories for an regular serving. Alcohol has a shocking amount of calories – 7 per gram – coming in second to fat which has 9 per gram.
To make matters worse the calories in alcohol take top priority in the body by being metabolised ahead of food. You do the math and its easy to see you can take on weight just from a few extra glasses of wine. Try to imagine the glass containing liquid fat or sugar then see if you want it.

Rule 3.

Sadly all foods prepared for these occasions seem to contain nothing but sugar and fat and white flour. At an office party the canapés will almost certainly have been purchased from a supermarket chain. You may have to look hard at the buffet table to find something that is delicious and is not going to make your digestive system work over time giving you a sleepless night.
Go for canapés that are protein heavy. Shrimp, smoked salmon or pieces of soft cheese. Processed meats are swimming in hidden fat so aim for slices of turkey or beef and leave those cocktail sausages to those less well informed. Crudités are your friend. Leave the dip in the bowl unless its salsa.

Rule 4.

The appearance. As we rush from work to party what are the key things that will have us looking our best? At the very least a brush through the hair and fresh lipstick and scent will suffice. Do not be tempted to apply mascara by the light of the glove box unless you want to look like a clown…..Stash a lip gloss in every coat pocket and you will never be caught out. The lips draw attention above anything else. Go for a shade that is fairly neutral with a pink hue and save the deep reds for a time when you have time for a full face refresh. Compliment your hostess on her beautiful party and she will report you showed up looking a million dollars. Everyone needs a small compact in their bag to check teeth and lips. Get one that gives you joy when you see it.

Rule 5.

Never arrive at a party empty handed. Also never arrive as the bearer of a cough or a cold ready to ruin the party season for the other guests. If you run into someone who has been selfish enough to turn up sneezing and hacking then for goodness sake no air kissing no hand shaking and no hugging.
If you are suffering then take a long steamy bath using this following recipe.

Cleo’s Milk Bath

2 drops lavender
1 tablespoon honey – this can be agave if you are vegan
1/2 pint full fat milk – this can be almond milk if you are vegan

Milk moisturises and cleanses. Lavender is also cleansing, has astringent properties and repairs the skin while promoting healing and aids sleep. Honey is wonderfully regenerative, gently cleansing, soothes, softens and heals the skin. While you are lying being cleansed without moving a muscle the steam will be working on your airways and scratchy throat. Hop into bed and watch a Christmassy film.

Rule 6.

Hostess gifts. This is easy for us beauty obsessives as we know that a hostess would prefer a hand cream or a shower gel or exfoliator far more than flowers or wine! If you want to really treat your friends at upcoming social events then whip up a batch of the following recipe that you can package attractively with a pretty label. It is a real working product for the season.

Peppermint Candy Cane Foot Spray

8oz distilled or bottled water
2 oz vodka
1/4 teaspoon peppermint oil
1/4 teaspoon tea tree oil

Mix all the ingredients in small spray bottle and shake before each use. Spray bottles can be found easily on line in nice glass which is environmentally friendly. Green glass would be festive.

After a hard days shopping or dancing at parties is the best time to use it. The combination of peppermint and tea tree oils are key for this product. Peppermint has fantastically calming aroma, is cooling, relieves aches and pains and nourishes dull skin. Tea tree is antibacterial antiseptic and a fungicide. Then it stimulates the circulation and eases muscle pain aches and sprains. Vodka is antibacterial and keeps the product fresh.

Of course rules are made to broken but find some other rules to ignore as these six are solid advice for looking and feeling your best over what can be quite a challenging season.

Post Author: Rowena Kitchen

Rowena Kitchen
I am a qualified beautician active in the industry for over 20 years. To me health and beauty go hand in hand. What you put in your body is as important as what you put on it. My USP is my love of finding ideas to make money go a long way by making informed choices about what to invest in. I love everything about the beauty business and bring my joy and caution in equal measure to my writing and exploration.

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