Sweat-Proof Makeup You Can Exercise In

Have you ever been on your lunch break, hit with a sudden urge to get down to the gym and undo the effects of that extra biscuit? But, you’ve then swiftly remembered that you’re at work with a full face of makeup on?  During the working day who really has the time or patience to remove it just to redo it again? And, leaving makeup on when working up a sweat is just not an option.

Well, good news – thanks to the constant evolution and adaptability, the beauty industry has you gym bunnies covered. The market is opening up to a generous selection of products that are skin friendly and durable, preparing you for whatever your day may throw at you. Here is our pick of makeup you can exercise in…




Cool Down Primer and Recovery Gel , £9.99 SPORTFX at sportsdirect.com


For flawless and long-lasting makeup this primer ticks all the boxes with its sweat resistant and high endurance formula. It also works to tone down any redness saving you from looking like you used a whole pan of blusher… and then some!



A reliable foundation is essential for gym goers, if it can’t take the HIIT then you can say bye bye to the rest of your makeup too!


Oxygenating Foundation, £45.00 at OXYGENETIX at dermacaredirect.co.uk


Despite its high-end price tag, The oxygen-enriched formula makes it the most breathable foundation on the market; meaning you can forget about clogging up your pores during an intense workout. With its 12 different shades; its worth it.


However, If you feel like foundation is too heavy and smothering on your skin while working out, why not give a BB cream a go.


SweatFX BB Cream, £12.99 SPORTFX at sportsdirect.com

Sweat FX BB cream offers a lighter formula that will still leave your skin silky with a glowing finish that is buildable. So whether it’s a light jog or strenuous sprints, this product can be your answer to both.




Redness Relief Powder, £26.95  Glo gloskinbeautyuk.com


Sisters not twins, right? however one accidental wipe on a sweaty forehead can leave them looking far from related. The good news is it can be prevented with:


 1-Step Brow Gel, £16.95 WUNDERBROW at boots.com

This waterproof, smudge-proof, transfer-proof will keep your brows on and your face nicely framed for up to 3 days!





Splash Proof Waterproof Mascara, £2.00 Primark (in store only)

For all our budget conscious beauties this is a must. One coat of this mascara and your ready for whatever your spin class might throw at you. And, all for under a fiver — need we say anymore?





Raspberry Rhubarb Recovery Lip Balm £4.99 SPORTFX at sportsdirect.com

Being kind to your skin during a workout means being kind to your lips too. This lip balm keeps lips hydrated and protected with SPF15 providing instant protection against harsh UV rays if you decide to turn your lunch break into a jog in the park. It comes in 3 flavours, each providing a subtle hint of colour. View the full SportFX collection here.


What are your favourite skin friendly makeup products that rise to the challenge in the gym?

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