5 Musicians Singing The Praises of Veganism

The ethics of musicians have long been debated, whether its questions surrounding whether rapping about sex and drugs is an acceptable message, or debates around the fairness of Spotify and other streaming sites towards smaller musicians. However one debate which receives less attention surrounds the diet and lifestyles of famous pop stars and their promotion […]

Ariana Grande

Check out Ariana Grande’s style transformation

Transformation Tuesday: Ariana Grande Despite being only 24 Ariane Grande has been in the public eye for nearly a decade. The former child star made her debut in Broadway before landing the role of Cat Valentine in the popular Nickelodeon series Victorius. Having grown up in front of our very eyes I’m sure there are […]

Red Carpet Roundup: 27/05/2016

Last Sunday stars of music and entertainment gathered at the T-Mobile arena in party town Las Vegas for the 2016 edition of the Billboard Music Awards.  If there’s a red carpet there’s always the possibility of a giggle at the expense of badly dressed celebs. In all honesty there were definitely more hits than misses […]

Woman Crush Wednesday: Ariana Grande

Since achieving her big breakthrough by appearing on Nickelodeon in the hit TV show Victorious, Ariana Grande’s career has catapulted her into the spotlight.  Our Woman Crush Wednesday is famous for her vocal range, tabloid antics and, of course, her chart-topping hits which include ‘Baby I’, ‘Problem (featuring Iggy Azalea)’, ‘Break Free (featuring Zedd)’ and […]