Sarah Jessica Parker

Transformation Tuesday: Sarah Jessica Parker

We all make mistakes. Even Sarah Jessica Parker, our one and only Carrie Bradshaw. We may have known as the most fashionable character on TV, but even Sarah started from the bottom. I vividly remember the moment on Sex and the City where she made fun of scrunchies, yet, she was quite a fan of […]

Throwback Thursday: Carrie Bradshaw

Is it just us at i the stylist who think Carrie Bradshaw’s New Year’s Eve and pyjama combo is seriously chic? This scene from the Sex and the City movie saw Bradshaw rush to her friend Miranda’s side during her hour of need, in classic Carrie style, not only in terms of friendship, but also in […]

Throwback Thursday: Sarah Jessica Parker in Sex and the City

This week we’re throwing back to the 1990s and the ultimate 90s fashion icon, Carrie Bradshaw. Sex and the City first graced our screens back in 1998 and immediately the iconic New York based sitcom took the fashion world by storm. Now over ten years later, everyone still dreams of one day having the Carrie Bradshaw closet. Her style […]