Dior: Fashion is Going Digital

Regardless of your relationship with fashion Dior is a name you’ll have heard of. Their fragrances, aftershaves and make-up have allowed their audience to span across gender and age. Currently the fashion house is using social media to push the boundaries further by integrating technology into their business strategy after undergoing new creative direction. Step […]

Makeup Looks for your personality

What does your makeup say about you? Natural Beauty You like the natural, practical, no-makeup makeup look that takes no time at all to pull off. You prefer to keep things simple. It’s just the way you are. That doesn’t make you basic, it makes you practical. You might not want to stand out from the crowd, but […]

DioramaClub sunglasses

17 Luxury Christmas Gifts You’ll Want To Keep

Okay, so we MAY have written a Christmas list and it MAY contain (a few) luxury Christmas gifts from the fashion world which MAY break the bank. However, as it’s Christmas, and we’ve been super nice, we figured that asking for some slightly pricier items won’t shift us over to the naughty list. Or, we […]

Halle Berry

Rock the no makeup look

Get The Look Beauty: The No Makeup Look     That fresh, bare-faced look is all the rage at the moment. Gone are those panda eyes and caked-on foundation. If you’re looking for that ultra natural look for your eyes that could fool anyone into thinking that you’re not wearing any makeup (perfect for school) […]

lip gloss

How to make your lip gloss last all day

Beauty: How to…make your lip gloss last all day Those high-shine lips look beautiful in magazines and on computer screens, but as many of us have come to find, they don’t fare as well in real life. Gloop all over your coffee mug, trails of lip gloss clinging to both lips whilst you speak, messy […]

Rihanna dark lip

Get The Look Beauty: The Dark Matte Lip

It’s all over the shelves, all over the catwalk, and all over the streets (at least when I’m out). The dark matte lip. That look reserved for the high-fashion hipsters and coveted by the rest of us who can’t quite part with our trusty nude lipsticks. There’s never been a better time to take a […]

Brighten up your life with our colour lens aviators edit

i the stylist Loves…Colour Lens Aviators   Sunglasses aren’t just for sun protection anymore. These accessories are now fashion statements.  Want to get on trend? Then, you need to stock up on colour lens aviators.  Colour lens aviators are everywhere at the moment so you’ll be spoilt for choice. And, we can’t help but love […]


We’re style crushing on Rihanna this week…standard

Style Crush: Rihanna   With all of the mounting collaborations with brands, Rihanna continues to take the fashion world by storm. This week our style crush is the one and only Riri! Every time we said “she can never top this look…” she manages to prove us wrong.  So, not only is she a chartbuster, […]

Gisele Bunchen Dior

Throwback Thursday: Logomania

For today’s Throwback Thursday we’re switching it up a bit. Logomania.  We first fell in love with it on the steps of that Greenwich Village apartment. You know, when Carrie wore THAT “The Christian Dior Daily” dress to her date with “BIG” aka John James Preston.  Needless to say Galliano was head of Dior at […]

How to Style…Swinger Skirts

Fashion in the 50s was all about femininity. Hence it highlighted the best asset of an hour- glass figure-the tiny waist. One can see this in the famous swinger dresses and skirts, which gave the illusion of tiny waists. i the stylist brings you four different ways to bring out the Mad Men character in you! […]