How the Fashion Industry is Utilising Technology on and off the Runway

There are a million articles out there and just as many examples of how technology has changed our lives. How technology has revolutionised lives and entire industries. There’s no doubting its power, and it’s ability to constantly expand, and encroach on new territory. In terms of fashion, technology has connected what was once a fairly […]

Emma Watson role model

Emma Watson is our role model and woman crush this week

Woman Crush Wednesday: Emma Watson She was introduced to us as Hermione Granger, yet Emma Watson has managed to remain a sensation after Harry Potter! Who can forget Emma Watson and her role model speech?  With her inspirational speeches Emma has moved us all and empowered many women.   So much so, that Emma Watson […]

Transformation Tuesday: Style Evolution – Emma Watson

Emma Watson has literally grown up before our eyes. We are sure she is a bit tired of being remembered as Hermione Granger from Harry Potter, but when you’re one of the stars of such an iconic series of books and films, people aren’t going to forget any time soon!   But what we love […]