i the stylist Loves…Cropped Trousers

This season’s must have are the perfect pair of cropped trousers! Whether it be a pair of culottes, cigarette style or wide leg trousers, these are a definite for staying in style this winter! With retro ’70s fashion coming back into style, these will definitely help you stay with up to date with the latest […]

i the stylist Loves…Pinafore Dresses

Just because the temperature is dropping it doesn’t mean you have to relegate your skirts and other shorter hemmed garments to the back of the wardrobe. One trend that is making a comeback this year that will be perfect for the colder months are pinafores.  Yes – pinafores, those primary schoool uniform favourites.  They’ve made […]

Frugal Fashion: Animal Print

Will animal print ever go out of fashion?  Granted we fell a little out of love with it in the 1990s but it’s back with a vengeance and here to stay!  Footwear, bags, scarves and clothing – nothing is too big or small for a nit of animal.  whilst we’d suggest against wearing animal print head […]