19 Menswear Pieces You’ll Want in Your Wardrobe

With spring now fully in swing (ish), us girls are constantly scrolling through to find inspiration for new trends and styles for the season. Unfortunately, a lot of what we want lives in either our boyfriends’ wardrobes or just the menswear sections of our favourite stores. Will that stop us? Most definitely not. We have […]

Menswear Monday: Knitwear

The temperature has dropped (signifiantly), daylight hours have shortened but that doesn’t mean you still can’t make an effort with your wardrobe.  It’s cold outside so it’s time to dig out the chunky knitwear.  Winter knitwear doesn’t have to mean cheesy christmas style jumpers so we’ve scoured the internet for knitwear you’d be proud to […]

Menswear Monday: Wool Coats

The saying goes, ‘Gentlemen wear coats, potatoes wear jackets!’  Now, we aren’t snobs and a jacket certainly has a place in every man’s wardrobe but today we’re celebrating the wool coat.  There’s something about a good quality well-cut three-quarter length coat that adds a little je n’as sais quai to a man’s outfit, whether casual […]

Menswear Monday: Chelsea Boots

The Chelsea boot has long been considered the walking boot of choice for the stylish.  One thing is for sure Chelsea boots will never go out of fashion so don’t be afraid to splurge on a pair that will last you a few years.  They’re the perfect way to add a sense of style to […]

Menswear Monday: Summer Jackets

If you’re after some inspiration for a lightweight jacket then look no further. Whether you’re style is streetwear or a more classic look we’ve compiled an edit of some of the best lightweight jackets that will carry you stylishly into autumn.  Happy shopping…   Lux stone twill biker jacket, £100.00 Topman topman.com Renaissance casual bomber jacket, […]

Menswear Monday: Hi-Tops

Since the luxury market’s obsession with streetwear started the hi-top has undergone a sexy and stylish makeover. Giuseppe Zanotti, Givenchy and Balenciaga have cornered the luxury trainer market and the high street have followed suite. Stick to darker colours such as black, navy or grey if you don’t want to look like you’ve stepped off […]

Menswear Monday: Shorts

Boys get your legs out while you can! It’s been hot, hot, hot over the weekend and we couldn’t help but notice the lack of bare legs amongst the men.  We’re pretty sure it’s not down to the lack shorts on the high street so we’re led to presume it’s because you guys are overwhelmed with options […]

Menswear Monday: Print Shirts

Guys, you no longer have to fear the printed shirt – dad shirts are officially in fashion.  It takes a brave man to carry off a printed shirt so start experimenting. The tip – keep your bottom half simple (i.e black, navy or muted tones).  The high street is awash with some great shirts for the […]

Menswear Monday: Sports Luxe

Thanks to the rise in quality streetwear labels…oh, and of course Givenchy jumping on the band wagon…sports luxe is here to stay.  Guys, if you are going to go super casual then there is no reason why you still can’t look stylish.  The beauty of this trend is that you don’t have to shell out […]

Menswear Monday: Slip Ons

We’ve been neglecting you boys of late but fear not our menswear edits are back and we’ll be giving weekly style inspiration to help you spend your wages.  Whilst it not quite shorts weather just yet you can compensate by giving your footwear a summer overhaul.  We’ve picked out some of the best slip ons available […]