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Should we be aiming higher than ‘our five a day’?

We are all becoming increasingly aware of the importance of consuming fruit and vegetables thanks to the ‘five a day’ advice by the health authorities. Now that we have gotten

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REVIEW: Purepotions Hair & Scalp Natural Shampoo & Natural Conditioner

Purepotions Hair & Scalp Natural Shampoo & Natural Conditioner Price: £18.00 (200ml) (each) Stockists: purepotions.co.uk They say Purepotions have developed a natural hair care regime for those who want to

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Which kind of shopper are you?

Shopping is an important activity which we spend a great deal of time on during the course of our lives. After all, it’s essential for day to day living.  We

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Is walking really an effective form of exercise?

Health & Fitness: How to get a spring in your step… In our society there is an increase in the amount of the population leading sedentary lifestyles. This means we are

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How sleep affects health

How sleep affects health We all do it, we all need it but many do not get enough!  Sleep. It is an essential, precious nightly process which allows our body

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Why go gluten free?

We have become accustomed to dietary changes, fads and developments in the modern day world. Where does a gluten free diet come in then?  It may be a new diet

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We Try You Buy: 3R 3 Day Cleanse

  3R 3 Day Cleanse Price: £34.95 Stockists: chrisjamesmindbody.com, Naturisimo… They say: Increase your energy levels & lose the bloat. Following the success of “12 Days” Cleanse, we have created

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Boost your magnesium levels with simple Epsom salts…

Epsom Salts Magnesium Boosting Advantages     Chances are that you have suffered from some or all of the following: a hangover, jet lag, skin irritations, stress and loss of


The art of picnicking – the proper way!

Yes it is that time of year again!  Sun, sandwiches and a cool glass of something fresh is just what is required to enjoy our summer days to the maximum.

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Green tea. Is it really worth all the fuss?

Is Tetley’s or Nescafe your usual beverage of choice in the morning?  We can so relate to that.  It’s easy to prepare, relatively cheap and gives us that boost we