i the stylist Loves…Kick Flare Trousers

Ever wondered what the difference is between a ‘flare’…..and a ‘kick flare’?  Well, we’re going to tell you anyway.  Kick flares, flare more from the knee downwards with a defined shape whereas your bog standard ‘flare’ (“is there such a thing” we hear you cry?!) is more gradual like a long triangle. Yeah? Whatever. Call […]

i the stylist Loves…Printed Court Shoes

Printed court shoes are currently getting us through and out of the January blues. What better way to brighten up an outfit, or your day for that matter, than with a pair of loud, patterned shoes that wake you up every time you look down at your feet. The SS17 catwalks have been covered in […]

i the stylist Loves…Smart Sneakers

Gone are the days when trainers as every day wear were frowned upon for anyone over 21. Thanks to luxury brands jumping on the streetwear bandwagon trainers are now appropriate to wear to work (or at least on Fridays for those in the corporate world). Kiss bye bye to bunioms and give your tootsies s […]

i the stylist Loves…Crochet Dresses

When crochet first came back about last summer, we admit that we were skeptical…again.  It’s not an easy look to pull off unless you look like an Instagram model and constantly spend your time on the beach. But, don’t fret – yes, crochet is set to make its big return this spring/summer but this time around its more […]

i the stylist Loves…Lace Dresses

Lace dresses are key trend for spring year after year. However, this year lace has transformed itself into a winter phenomenon. Lace dresses can come in many different forms but this season there are two that stand out. As you have probably seen on many celebrities the sexy lace dress that doesn’t leave much for […]