The April Trends You Should Be Taking Advantage Of

Every month we’ll bring you the trends that are gaining momentum for the month ahead. Starting with April — which is literally around the corner — we’ve tapped into all the rising trends in travel, interior, food and fashion. Trends come and go but we’ll be bringing you the ones that are no paling fad. […]

metallic SS17 trends

SS17 trends explained…

Summer… S for, well, summer… U for utopia… M for … hold on! This is not a spelling contest, nor have you clicked on the wrong link that led you to a spelling bee class. You have indeed reached the fashion section within i the stylist. Stay put ladies; I will get to our fashion-oriented […]

i the stylist Loves…Burgundy

I’m sure you don’t need me to tell you that burgundy is going to be everywhere over the next few months.  It’s great for injecting a bit of richness and colour into your winter wardrobe without attracting too much attention and still looking autumnal. It suits any skin tone and is a welcome relief from brown, black or […]