i the stylist Loves…Wrap Blouses

Shirts and blouses are given an extra feminine dimension with a wrap. Curves are emphasized when the wrap is tied on the waist and a flash of back or decolletage revealed in the drapes of a carefully designed wrap blouse adds a touch of excitement to an otherwise fairly average piece of clothing.   Wear […]

i the stylist Loves…Envelope Clutch Bags

Everyone needs a statement handbag for an event or a night out and what makes a better statement than a statement clutch bag. I have narrowed it down to 20 of my favourite envelope clutch bags. Get a cup of coffee, relax and take a look. But be warned your bank balance might take a hit.   […]

i the stylist Loves…Mary Jane Shoes

Chances are us women have all had a pair of Mary Jane shoes at some point in our life – more often than not before the age of 11. Well prepare for a dose of nostalgia because Mary Janes are back in a big way – and thankfully they’re a lot more fashionable and outfit […]

i the stylist Loves…Party Clutches

It’s finally Christmas party season, and what better way to breathe life into an old outfit than with an amazing new clutch bag. There are two major trends we are seeing everywhere – and loving – the sharp edge, solid box clutch, and the majorly contrasting fluffy style. Whatever you choose, and however you decide […]

Top 5 Celeb Red Carpet Moments with…Vivienne Westwood

Dame Vivienne Isabel Westwood known to most as Vivienne Westwood is a legend in British fashion. Westwood is as well known for her politics as she is her fashion with her work being heavily influenced by the punk movement. Westwood’s original works were influenced by bikers, prostitutes and BDSM with Westwood going on to being awarded an OBE […]

i the stylist Loves…Slogan Clutch Bags

Long gone are the days when shoes and accessories were an afterthought. Nowadays you can build your whole outfit around your bag or footwear which is why we love the current crop of slogan clutch bags on the market. Let your clutch take centre-stage and keep the rest of your outfit simple – perfect for those […]

i the stylist Loves…Bucket Bags

We love bucket bags because for one they never go out of style. They’re compact but suprisingly roomy and are a great way to add a bit of style to an otherwise simple outfit.  As we head into spring why not opt for a bright colour like yellow, red or blue? Check out our pick […]

i the stylist Loves…Black Friday Deals

With the news that ASDA is scraping Black Friday following the fiasco last year  with scenes more suited to a Hollywood disaster movie – the sensible among us will have already planned to spend the day patiently glued to the internet where it’s safe. If you simply cannot wait until the Boxing Day reductions then […]

i the stylist Loves…Satchels

Here at i the stylist we absolutely love satchels!  Satchel bags are just so cool and cute but classic and practical. Available in a range of different sizes and colours, satchel bags are the type of bags that remain on trend time and time again, and the satchel bag is always the “it bag” of the season. Take […]

i the stylist Loves…Flat Sandals

Get your pedicures booked because it’s that time of the year when it’s obligatory to show your toes off.  Granted the weather can’t make up it’s mind but there’s always the options of socks and sandals…yes that’s a thing now!  Nothing beats a flat sandal during the summer months – they’ve come on in leaps and […]