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#Workout Wednesday: 8 Ways to Get The Most Out of Your Wearable Tech

For the first instalment of our #WorkoutWednesday feature we turned to trainer to the stars Ben Camara. Ben is not only a celebrity personal trainer but he is also the co-founder of


Wearable Tech: Gianoi

It’s tough finding the right balance between beautiful aesthetics and useful technology.  The wearable tech industry is evolving rapidly and there appears to be a shift towards wearable technology that

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Wearable Tech: SAY Necklace

“Wearable device manufacturers have been targeting the consumer health and infotainment markets with little regard to the unique needs, styles, and habits of young adults—a substantial and as yet untapped

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Wearable Tech: KAZbrella

Our wearable tech feature this week seems completely inappropriate with the unusually fine weather we’re currently experiencing in the UK. Dare I say it – we may have a real

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Wearable Tech: Lumativ

If you’re a fan of snapbacks and like to stand out from the crowd then you may want to check out Lumativ.  Lumativ launched in 2010 and are an LA-based

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Wearable Tech: Pavlok

How often do you start the sentence “…if only I had a 24/7 personal assistant…”.  No?  I know it’s just not me!   Well, if you feel that some areas of


Wearable Tech: Hövding Airbag for Cyclists

The biggest draw for me with regards to wearable tech is that it needs to enhance my life…otherwise what’s the point?  We have an influx of wearable tech that can

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Wearable Tech: Project Jacquard

It was only a matter of time and Google, of course, have the headstart in making our clothing smart. Yes – you read that right.  Google’s Advance Technology and Projects

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Wearable Tech: ReVault

The Swedes can always be relied upon for their practical minimalism.  It’s a love affair us Brits can’t get enough of. So, chances are you’ll appreciate the ReVault.  Swedish inventor Elia


Wearable Tech: Olive

Stress much like tax is impossible to avoid.  Modern day living is stressful – point blank.  If you’re pushed for time to relax then Olive may be just for you.