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The Gift of Self-Love

The gift of self-love is the best gift you’ll receive this christmas. As people around the world celebrate the birth of Jesus, I’m catapulted back to my catechism class in

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Wellness Gifts for a Fitness Junkie

When a box of chocolates won’t go down a treat with a fitness junkie on Christmas day, you’ve got to think outside the box! We’ve compiled a list of must-haves

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How to Stick to Your Diet During the Party Season

Sticking to your diet during the party season can be tough. When you’re having a good time, it can be harder to stay committed. For many people attempting to lose

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The Health Benefits of Dancing: Why You Should Hit the Dance Floor

I don’t mean to alarm you, but there are many bad things that could happen at your end of year office party.  AAAH – Your office enemy could show up

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The Emotional Hangover

With the holiday season now upon us, we generally accept that a hangover or two is likely.  There are office parties, family gatherings and drinks with colleagues to consider. Not

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Surviving the Office Party

The Rules of the Game With the holiday season fast approaching and all those opportunities to EAT and DRINK being thrown at us you need to apply will power to