We Try You Buy: Tangle Angel Professional Detangling Brush

Tangle Angel

Tangle Angel Professional Detangling Brush

Price: £14.99 (RRP)
Stockists: Superdrug
They Say: Hold by the handle or by the wings for greater control when styling. Ideal for use in the shower to detangle wet hair. Can be used on wet or dry hair. Heat resistant bristles make the tangle angel a great blow-drying brush. Soft & gentle detangling that won’t pull or tug your hair.

We Say: This amazing, detangling brush is suitable for all hair types whether wet or dry. It is ideal for long or short hair, children’s hair and for hair extensions. It has heat resistant bristles, which means that it is a perfect hair styling companion as it can be used with hairdryers without looking their shape or detangling ability. The Tangle Angel has antibacterial additives embedded in the plastic as well as anti-static properties which means that it is extremely hygienic and safe to use, and prevents flyaway hair, leaving it soft and silky smooth.


Tangle Angel



The Tangle Angel has a beautiful design and is also highly functional. It can be held around the base or around the ‘wings’, which is the main body of the brush, for a more controlled feel. So not only is a pretty design, it is also very practical.


It is a brilliant hairbrush that does exactly what it says on the tin. It easily and effectively detangles hair leaving it soft and smooth and perfect for styling.

Value For Money

It’s price is competitive with other hair brushes yet because of its detangling ability on both wet and dry hair, the fact that it is heat resistant, anti-bacterial and anti-static, it is very good value for money.

Buy or Bye



Tangle Angel

Professional Detangling Hairbrush – wow white, £12.95 Tangle Angel tangleangel.com

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