Tech Tuesday: Otterbox Strada for iPhone 6/6S Review

The new folio case by Otterbox exudes a business professional vibe, it’s stylish yet incredibly robust, but I guess this is to be expected from a market leader like Otterbox.


Screen Shot 2016-01-16 at 13.43.17 (515x377)

On first glance I have to say, the rugged style of this case is not something I’d usually go for. Since I’m such an Apple freak I tend to be one of those people who choose very slim cases to maintain the sleek design of the phone, even if they might compromise the safety of it if I were to drop it.


Screen Shot 2016-01-16 at 13.42.41 (517x538)

The packaging states that putting the case on/off is quick and easy, but to be honest with you it took me a good 30 mins and afterwards I was sporting some pretty big indentations in my thumbs!  However, after the initial struggle, it actually looked pretty good.

In typical Otterbox style the case definitely doesn’t compromise on functionality, with space for one credit card on the inside flap. Although the case appears to be totally (real!) leather, the outer edge of the phone is made from pretty solid rubber that closes with a small magnetic strip, disguised by the Otterbox logo. In general I’m not a fan of huge logos, but they’ve done well to minimise the impact on the phone’s overall design and really it’s hardly noticeable.


Screen Shot 2016-01-16 at 13.43.09 (519x387)

Being made almost completely from glass, you basically live in constant fear when you own an iPhone, so I have to say that I definitely felt like my phone was safe. I didn’t quite pluck up the courage to do a ‘drop test’, though Otterbox claim it is drop-proof – I believe them!

In terms of actually using the phone, they’ve done an awesome job of making all the ports accessible. Nothing is more annoying than those cases that make it impossible to adjust the volume or charge your phone at night.


Screen Shot 2016-01-16 at 13.42.56 (516x511)

Needless to say I was pretty impressed with the overall craftsmanship that seems to have gone into this case. I’ve seen them retail online anywhere from £20-£35, and for a real leather, highly protective case that’ll probably last longer than your phone, I think that’s a fair price. Though I can’t see it taking off the more fashion-conscious among us, overall I think this case is ideal for a daily commuter or business professional who wants functionality in a good looking design.


By: Natalie @natalieo_neill


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