Technology Tuesday: 5 of the Best Tablets

I honestly do not know what I would do without my tablet.  I currently have an iPad and am in the market for an upgrade.  I hate buying new gadgets.  Mainly because there is SO much choice and I have the attention span of a goldfish.  Which is at odds with the fact that I love getting a bargain so feel obliged to investigate every product within my price range to make sure I’m getting the best deal.  So, I’m 80% sure that my replacement won’t be an Apple product so I’ve been doing some research into my next purchase and so have decided to share my findings…I am by no means a technology expert and feel no shame in admitting that I have on more than one occasion purchased an electrical good simply because I like the look of it…you have been warned 🙂



Google Nexus 7, £169.95 John Lewis

If you’re looking for an affordable tablet the the Google Nexus 7 is the way to go. It has a 7″ screen and runs on the Android operating system. Perfect for those that want a reliable tablet but don’t want to spend iPad money.


iPad Air, from £399.00 Apple Store

 The iPad Air is possibly the best tablet on the market bar the price.  It comes with a 10″ screen but expect to fork out more cash if you want decent storage.  Not much really needs to be said – if you’ve got the cash then go for this.



iPad Mini with retina display, from £349.00 Apple Store

The iPad Mini 2 is cheaper than the iPad Air but is still pricey for what it is.  Yes – it’s light, portable and has an improved screen but there are definitely better tablets on the market spec for spec that are much kinder on your pocket.


Sony Xperia Z2 Tablet, £399.99 PC World

The Sony Xperia Z2 has a 10″ screen and runs on the latest Android operating system, Android 4.4 Kitkat.  The device is powerful but there are concerns regarding its battery life, particularly within gameplay – which ironically it is famed for.  Other features include a waterproof design and an 8MP camera.




Microsoft Surface Pro 3, £575.10 Microsoft Store

The Surface Pro 3 is Microsoft’s latest tablet.  If you, like myself, use a tablet to simply surf the net, Skype and email on the go then walk away now. However if you want more from your tablet – particularly word processing then consider this as an alternative to your laptop. With a price point of around £600 you’d want to make sure you need these extra capabilities before parting with your cash!

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