The 9 Fashion Careers You Should Get on Board With Now

When you’re young, you think the only way to get into the fashion industry is as a model, designer or by being good at drawing. You constantly sketch loads, trying to improve your shading — when realistically deep down you know it sucks. Working in the fashion world, isn’t just about being a fashion designer and getting celebrities to wear your collections.

While the classic fashion career choices such as fashion design, styling, blogging or journalism still retain their significance there are a whirlwind of others that are slowly gaining pace. Careers you, perhaps, wouldn’t automatically associate with fashion are now gaining momentum and the market for a job in fashion is now wider than ever.

Lawyer? Psychologist? The long list of potential careers in fashion, will be getting fashionistas like yourselves interested in different areas. Looking for a doorway into the fashion world? Here are 9 fashion careers you should get on board with now…

Strategy Analyst 

With an analytical degree, you expect your only goal is to be head at a finance company. And, don’t get me wrong, that career path is a winner for some. However, why not combine your love of fashion and analysis? Having a key eye for optimizing processes, you can be a strategy analyst for fashion brands. You will be figuring out how to keep a company competitive. Strategy analysts tend to work closely with the marketing division in a bid to keep their brand ahead of the competition. Being a strong individual, with drive and a creative mind are needed in this successful field.


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The hoard of fabulous two-piece suits you’ve gathered over the years can finally get some daily use. Have you ever fancied a career as a lawyer but didn’t want to work for dull clients? Lawyers finally have a mark in the fashion industry. But, just because they aren’t the most common subject of discussion in a creative workplace, they play a huge part in how stores treat their employees and even how they deal with customer disputes. Lawyers are hired to work as HR consultants to keep companies in check with the law. Or, even as paralegals to advise corporate boards dealing with intellectual protection. Besides, who else is going to rock a two-piece suit other than the on trend professionals? Someone has to show up to court working the latest Chanel catwalk collection. Watch out competitors, lawyers are at hand to help prosecute other brands for copyright infringement.

Supply Chain Analyst

Dealing with all the processes that are related to the production and distribution, can be a fun field to be in. In fashion, it would require you overseeing the entire process from the creation of a garment to the final delivery at a local store. And, everything in between. The whole process is important and you would be in charge of it. If you like strategy and organization, you might enjoy a career in supply chain.

Production Manager

We all like to get our hands a little dirty, whether that be hands deep in Ben ‘n’ Jerry’s Cookie Dough ice cream or being centre stage of production — where the responsibility of manufacturing apparel is. And, you thought having a career in fashion is all about the glamour. Being a production manager, you would be working close with the suppliers and retailers. In addition you will be responsible for the quality of the raw materials, while keeping a close eye on cutting costs. Most importantly, it is all about the eye for detail. Especially when design changes are put forward. Sustainable fashion is growing dramatically in the fashion world, so if you are an eco-friendly person, who wants to make a change to the world, this could be your dream job. If you fancy being a master of textiles and knowing the ins and outs to it — then product management is for you.


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Commercial Director

Portraying a brand message can be an important job. As commercial director you are in charge of casting the models and talent to portray the image for the brand. Having a background in film and photography, works great towards being a creative media/commercial director. Imagine creating videos for companies’ websites to draw in readers or purchasers; the list is endless.


Who says that if you have a degree in computer science, you also don’t have style? Programmers are currently doing their thing, whilst rocking this season’s trends. How else do you think Tumblr and Pinterest is run? Programmers and engineers are needed outside of the tech industry – which works wonders for us.

3D Printing Engineer

The manufacturing process can be a challenge for many fashion designers, which is why 3D printing would make the manufacturing process a whole lot quicker (as well as saving a few extra pennies here and there).  The creative brains behind fashion houses such as Chanel and Iris Van Herpen, are starting to experiment with print designs to make their collections one of a kind. It isn’t all cut, stick and glue… 3D printing not only does all the above, but also adds on extra material to create some of the quirkiest shapes. It has a market in fast fashion, which continues to grow from strength to strength.


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Consumer Psychologist

The best thing about fashion, is how it has evolved over the centuries. From being a piece of material worn as a necessity to a vehicle of self-expression. With the rise of stereotypes and clicks, the brains behind the industry professionals are the fashion psychologists. And, what is the point of their career you question? They apply psychological theories behind what us as a society wear and how what we wear day to day, is a reflection of our personalities. They understand that our clothing choices impact not only our own emotions, but also those of the people we interact with. As this career has only recently emerged, it isn’t very common to hire a fashion psychologist. But, imagine having one on your speed dial. “Excuse me, I’m on the phone to MY fashion psychologist.” The biggest advantage is for global companies, who have relationships with customers around the world with very different backgrounds, behaviour and preferences. Of course, you can’t wake up and automatically become one. Like any psychologist you have to have a degree in psychology to start with…

Sustainability Expert

If you are a massive high street shopper like me, then you will know the shift of fashion brands becoming sustainable is quite “trendy”. H&M, Adidas and Kering (Gucci, Saint Laurent, Balenciaga, Christopher Kane, Puma…)are just a few big brands who have pledge to make their business more sustainable. Do you have a passion for sustainability? Then becoming a sustainability expert could be right up your street. Many fashion companies are prioritising sustainability and putting sustainable business models at the heart of their organisations. This means taking how they produce their products more heavily into consideration and hiring sustainability consultants whose sole function is to ensure that the company is doing whatever they can to integrate sustainable sourcing and environmentally friendly practices.



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Jordan Ellen Wood
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