The April Trends You Should Be Taking Advantage Of

Every month we’ll bring you the trends that are gaining momentum for the month ahead. Starting with April — which is literally around the corner — we’ve tapped into all the rising trends in travel, interior, food and fashion. Trends come and go but we’ll be bringing you the ones that are no paling fad. Trends are rising and in the last few years with the boom of platforms such as Instagram, social media can now dictate trends. Which, invariably leads to changes in consumer lifestyles and behaviours. So with that said, here’s our rundown of everything you should be shopping, eating and holidaying in this April…


HOLIDAY: Iceland


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In the last few years Iceland has gained popularity as the go-to holiday destination. Gone are the days where seeking holidays was just about sun, sea and sand. Nowadays, colder climates are just as trendy. Travellers — especially the millennial generation — are seeking once-in-a-life time adventures; an experience to escape from their daily stress. And, Iceland is a country that by no exception is meeting their needs. Whether it’s to see the Northern Lights or relax in the hot springs at the Blue Lagoon.

To get the best deals try the Travel Supermarket website. Aside from the obvious reasons people go to Iceland for, below I have listed five other interesting things to do and see in such an amazing country…

Get airborne

Iceland is such a scenic place to visit.  To explore it on foot in one thing, but another way is by paragliding. This can be organised when you get to Iceland and can be done on a short visit. From above, take in the amazing views of lava fields, mountains, volcanoes, waterfalls and the ocean.


Sample the cuisine

Try some traditional Icelandic food. A must-try is the fermented shark which Icelanders call Hakarl. Wait. Before you start by saying that you’ve heard that it’s to be avoided. I can assure you that that is probably because of the smell; it smells like ammonia. But having said that, the majority of Icelanders regularly eat shark meat. Because it cannot be eaten raw there is a special fermentation process that this delicacy goes through which removes all the harmful substances from the mammal (which leads to the initially unpleasant smell) but it’s much tastier than it smells. Give it a try!



Go for a walk on the beach. Yes, you read that right. Granted you may struggle to get a tan, but the gorgeous views will be something you will always remember. There are plenty of black sand beaches in Iceland.  Icelandic travel blog Bite of Iceland highly recommends that you visit Reynisfjara. It’s a black beach near Vik, in the south of Iceland. There you will find the Hálsanefshellir cave and huge basalt columns which is near the entrance to the beach.


Wreckage hunting

For any plane enthusiasts, visit the wreckage of the Dakota plane. Again it is in the south of Iceland, near the town of Vik. It is not clearly marked where the place is, but as it is a tourist attraction it is a case of keeping your eyes peeled and looking for a car park where other people are heading to the same place. On second thoughts that sounds dodgy — instead just ask your hotel or a local tour guide…


Have a hot bath

Iceland is all about the hot steams and one of the best is located in a hot river close to Reykjadalur, the wreckage is an hour’s drive from the capital and also a one hour hike. It is fun as the trail leads you through picturesque mountains giving you the chance to see the dense steam coming from underground. Despite it’s popularity, there is no reason why you won’t still get your own privacy when bathing.


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There are plenty of other fantastic and memorable places to visit and things to do in Iceland that will make your holiday special. But, as they say, this is just the tip of the iceberg.


INTERIOR: Spa Inspired Bathrooms

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The spa-inspired look is currently what is driving interior trends at the moment. This is due to changes in lifestyles and attitudes in the last decade. So many of us are leading busy lives and having hectic work schedules many of us likely to work past our contracted hours. With this change we are looking for ways to wind down to soak off the stress and relax. So why not create that haven at home? How? By turning your bathroom into a fantasy escape that has a holiday feel about it. Focus on creating the right peaceful setting according to tastes and personalities to bring the desired spa inspired bathroom to life. This can be done to suit many budgets.


Spa-inspired colours/looks

Neutral pastel pallets, origami accents, natural elements and metallic highlights are the key trends to achieving the look. Here are a few ideas below and how you can achieve it:

For those that have a small bathroom, this doesn’t necessarily mean you cannot create the desired effect. It is a case of being ‘space smart’.


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Why not invest in a Japanese deep soaking tub? It is designed to fit in the smallest of bathrooms and creating that zen look is easily achievable. To look at a wide range of options, visit


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Or why not invest in  ‘his’ and ‘hers’ bathroom sinks to add a touch of luxury?


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Perhaps it’s adding a unique piece of furniture that stands out to add personality.

Whatever your style and looking at how you want to design your bathroom; from a boutique to a minimalist look, you can always find ideas in magazines, Pinterest and other social media sites. There are also plenty of websites, showrooms and even market stalls that caters to your needs to turn your bathroom into your very own spa haven.


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FOOD: Algae


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Going vegan and becoming more healthy is reaching new heights as one of the emerging trends to continue this year. Algae is one of the highly publicised superfoods. Superfoods are basically foods that are highly nutritional. Edible algae — which is commonly refereed to as seaweed — comes in all shapes, sizes and textures. Countries such as Japan and Korea in the east commonly use this in their dishes, but in the last year we are seeing a rising demand from the west from when the trends hit on Instagram people are wanting to incorporate it in their dishes and consume it.

The benefits of algae are that they are rich in essential vitamins and essentially low in fat. There are three common types of seaweed. Nori is dark purple in colour and has a slightly sweet (with a hint of a meaty) flavour. Kombu is browner in colour and flavour-wise resembles mushrooms. Finally you have Dulse which is red in colour, thin with a nutty, smoky flavour. Seaweed is rich in iron, magnesium, potassium, zinc, vitamin K. It also contains good amounts of vitamin E and B12. It is really versatile so can be baked, steamed, boiled and fried. It’s easily added to your diet so think about adding it to your next stew, pasta dish, salads or start eating it as a dried snack!

Algae Recipe

One quick and easy recipe that I found interesting was how to make seaweed pesto. Once made you can use this in pasta, salads, on crackers or even as a dipping sauce. To get the full list of ingredients and the recipe, please click here

FASHION: Spring Fresh Utility

The utility trend has always been synonymous with the Khaki colour but this spring it gives way to a lighter; more fresher look. A look that is practical, yet pretty without the look being too formal and tailored.  Right now it is to keep everything tonal; but also break it up with flashes of metallic and splashes of black accessories.

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Photo via Pinterest user Brunello Cucinelli

So this rounds up this month’s trends issue. Whichever peaks your interest I hope this feature has been inspirational, desirable and most of all achievable. Until next month ladies…

Post Author: Sabina Shariff

Sabina Shariff
I’m a business and fashion graduate working in Merchandising and have come from an analytical background working in various industries. I am an inquisitive person so enjoy researching trends and I am also a fitness fanatic, partaking in any gym classes that challenge me and through sheer determination I have lost 6 stone (although weirdly enough I still do not like running as it reminds me of doing cross country at school). My favourite fashion trend is minimalist chic and I tend to dress based on my mood. So casual one day to a tailored, more polished look the next and no dislikes of trends that I can think of. I love the TV show ‘Scandal’ and although I am not a big reader; my favourite book that I never get tired of reading is ‘The Beautiful Fall: Fashion, Genius & Glorious Excess in 1970’s Paris’.

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