The Best Hangover Cures from Around the World

With England so close to glory it’s hard not to get caught up in World Cup fever. It’s been a long time coming for our boys and whether you’re a football fan or not why not just go along with the festivities. As they say – when in Rome. Plus, we’re experiencing some of the hottest temperatures the UK has seen in a long time .

It was carnage when we reached the semi-finals. So, whether England win or lose tonight there are likely to be a lot of sore heads in the morning (ours included). Keeping with the worldwide theme we’ve curated a round-up of some interesting hangover cures from around the world with the help of medical nutritionist Dr Sarah Brewer.


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Dr Brewer has rated each of the hangover cures and also gives her must-read tips to get over a hangover quickly…

10 hangover cures from around the world


1st: Australia’s Vegemite

5 stars – high benefit

Australia’s hangover cure comes in the form of a jar of Vegemite. Even when battling the effects of last night’s goon, the Aussies still muster up the imagination to create this fierce remedy.


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Origin: Australia

Nutritionist Review: “Vegemite is full of salt and B vitamins – things that need replenishing, as they are used up quickly when the body processes alcohol.”

Serve: Spread your Vegemite on a slice of seeded bread with some grilled cheese on top, and complement with a fresh orange for a dose of vitamin C.

2nd: The French hearty cassoulet

5 stars – high benefit

With great wine in abundance, it’s hard to escape a hangover in France. How do they deal with it the next day then? With a hearty cassoulet stuffed full of red meat and white beans!


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Origin: France

Nutritionist Review: “The cassoulet is full of protein, which is digested to release amino acids, replenishing stocks used up by the liver in metabolising and detoxifying alcohol. Alcohol is a diuretic which flushes water and electrolytes from the body. By replenishing these you rehydrate more quickly.”

Serve: As a warming stew with a chunk of bread (brown for additional B vitamins and magnesium) and mineral water.

3rd: Canada’s putine (chips, cheese curd and gravy)

4 stars – medium benefit

Canadians love to forget about last night’s sins with poutine, the delicious heart attack-inducing combination of chips, cheese curd and rich Canadian brown gravy.


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Origin: Canada

Nutritionist Review: “Potatoes provide carbohydrate – a quick source of energy to make up for low glucose levels. Cheese curds provide protein and electrolytes, while the gravy provides fluid, electrolytes and some B vitamins.”

Serve: With plenty of gravy. Fry the vegetables in olive oil and add garlic and black pepper for extra antioxidants.

4th: Churros and chocolate sauce: the Spanish remedy

3 stars – medium benefit

In Spain, proper hangover treatment begins with prevention by eating tapas while you’re out drinking. After a night out, most Spanish folk turn to churrerias for churros or fries.


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Origin: Spain

Nutritionist Review: “A good source of carbohydrate. Dark chocolate sauce is full of antioxidant polyphenols, helping protect the liver and mop up harmful chemicals released during the metabolism of alcohol.  Milk is a good source of fluid, B vitamins and protein.”

Serve: With plenty of dark chocolate dip and wash down with a large glass of water.

5th: Turkey’s protein-filled tripe soup

3 stars – medium benefit

Tripe soup is a very popular hangover cure in Eastern Europe. Tripe, which is made from cow stomach, is mixed with vinegar, crushed garlic, hot pepper, and fermented wheat bran.


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Origin: Turkey

Nutritionist Review: “Protein from the tripe, carbs from the flour, B vitamins from the eggs and tripe, electrolytes from the bouillon cubes, vitamin C from the lemon juice. Chilli will promote sweating which helps remove toxins from the body and is a source of antioxidants.”

Serve: As a warming bowl of soup with brown bread and plenty of mineral water.


6th: America’s cocktail of egg and Tabasco: The Prairie Oyster

2 stars – low benefit

The Prairie Oyster is a cocktail with a raw egg, Worcestershire sauce, Tabasco, salt and pepper and sometimes vodka – though you may want to leave the alcohol out if you want to cure your hangover!


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Origin: America

Nutritionists Review: “The Prairie Oyster may help because of the protein and antioxidant content, but many people find they just increase the nausea. Eggs need to be super fresh and from vaccinated hens so Salmonella poisoning doesn’t add to your woes. Tabasco helps sweat out toxins and is a source of antioxidants to neutralise free radicals.”

Serve: If you’re looking for a cocktail to cure your hangover, a fruit smoothie may be a better alternative to give your body some instant energy and help you re-hydrate.


7th: Germany’s Katerfrühstück: raw pickled herring and gherkins

2 stars – low benefit

Origin: Germany

Nutritionists Review: “Pickled herrings provide protein and electrolytes, but the salt could add to dehydration and the smell and taste of pickled fish could make you feel nauseous. Though a source of protein, the dish is low on fluids and electrolytes, and the acidity from the vinegar could worsen stomach irritation and indigestion.”

Serve: Instead of herring, a piece of salmon with a side of fresh vegetables, such as asparagus or spinach, will have you improve your mood and relieve headaches and an upset stomach.


8th: Japanese umeboshi: salty pickled plums and green tea

2 stars – low benefit

Umeboshi are salty pickled plums soaked in green tea. Some brave souls eat umeboshi straight up, but most people prefer a more mellow approach by soaking the plum in some hot water for five minutes.


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Origin: Japan

Nutritionists Review: “Umeboshi provide a good amount of potassium – a beneficial electrolyte – but too much salt will increase cell dehydration. Combining them with shochu alcohol only postpones the misery – the liver stops processing alcohol in your system so the level of acetaldehyde and formic acid temporarily drop until they rise again further as the new alcohol kicks in.”

Serve: A good alternative could be to have fresh fruit, such as oranges for your dose of vitamins and bananas or dried apricots for added potassium.


9th: Argentina’s fernet

1 star – low benefit

Although originally Italian, Fernet is made from lots of different herbs and spices and is incredibly popular in Argentina. Many believe that Fernet is not only a hangover cure, but will help you avoid one in the first place by choosing it as your drink on a night out.


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Origin: Argentina

Nutritionists Review: “Herbs and spices may have a medicinal effect and are also a source of beneficial antioxidants. Fernet typically provides 45% alcohol by volume, so the new alcohol will prolong your misery after a possible brief period of relief.”

Serve: While more alcohol may be tempting to have the day after you’ve been out drinking, water, fresh orange juice or a herbal tea may be a better choice to decrease your nausea.


10th: Sicily’s dried bull penis

1 star – low benefit

A renowned Sicilian hangover cure is the dried bull penis. Quite an acquired taste, but if it cures your hangover then who cares?!


hangover cures
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Origin: Italy

Nutritionists Review: “Penis consists mostly of spongy tissue with very little muscle, so this is not a good source of protein. And it is dry, which means there are no added fluids. This is in no way nutritionally beneficial for a hangover.”

Serve: If you really crave some meat after your night out, a chicken noodle soup can help restock water levels in your body. Alternatively, the amino acids in (a small amount of) bacon may help replenish neurotransmitters in your brain.


Dr Brewer’s 5 top tips to cure your hangover


The most effective cure for a hangover.


Alcohol is a diuretic and your headache and dry mouth are partly due to dehydration. Aim to drink at least half a pint of water before going to bed. If you wake with a hangover, sip water all day, to get at least 2 litres pure water on board. To replenish potassium take electrolyte solutions.

Globe Artichoke Extracts

Globe artichoke is highly antioxidant and has liver-protecting effects. As it also stimulates bile production and digestion, artichoke quickly reduces nausea, bloating and indigestion. Ideally, take artichoke extracts before going out to celebrate.


You may want to consider a vitamin B complex (50mg to 100mg) plus 1g to 2g vitamin C (the non-acid form known as ester-C) to provide nutrients needed to help metabolise alcohol.


Always drink on a full stomach; this slows alcohol absorption so the liver metabolises it more efficiently. If you don’t expect to eat properly until later, have a snack such as a sandwich.

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