The Best Vegan Food in Paris: The Guide

For decades, Paris has had a bad reputation for not being a vegan-friendly city. I understand the label; Paris is greatly known for its cuisine of warm buttery baguettes, pastries, meats and cheeses. So, perhaps being a vegan in Paris wouldn’t appeal to people who didn’t know better. Until now.

In the last few years, Paris has seriously upped its game. Today, being a vegan in Paris no longer means having to miss out on their traditional cuisine and sweet treats. With the openings of countless innovative vegan spots dotted around the capital, it’s both convenient and rewarding to be plant-based.

I have travelled to Paris twice since I became vegan – one of the times being only a few weeks ago. Luckily, on my trips, I have been able to visit quite a few vegan restaurants. So, in honor of Paris’ new vegan scene, here is my list of the must-go-to café’s and restaurants.

I’ve captured plenty of pictures of the eateries too, some of which are in this article.

Hank Burger - vegan in Paris

Hank Burger

Hank Burger is an old-school style fully vegan restaurant located on Rue de Archives in the Halles neighbourhood. Whether you’re in Paris for 1 day or 12, you must visit. With a menu full of flavourful and hearty food – burgers, chips, coleslaw and cakes – it is a vegan comfort food haven. Being a vegan in Paris has never been more exciting!

Hank Burger, hands down, sell some of the tastiest burgers — vegan and otherwise — that I’ve ever had. What’s even better is the fact that it is an inexpensive spot too – they even have meal deals. So, no need to worry about breaking the bank. Hank Burger is the perfect place to go with a group of friends, vegan or not, it’ll get all your taste buds tingling for sure. They’ll be a slight chance your friends may go vegan in Paris because of them, they are that good.

Worth noting, Hank Burger also has a chain called Hank Pizza, which, you guessed it, sell scrumptious vegan pizzas. Located on Rue des Gravilliers, there is no better place in Paris to get your pizza fix.

What I love about Hank is that it stands for “have a nice karma”. Helping the environment, the animals and your body – that’s good karma to me.

How I wish they had Hank Burger and Hank Pizza in London! I’d be their best customer.

42 Degrés

42 Degrés is a fully vegan restaurant specialising in serving delectable raw, organic and gluten-free food. It is located on Rue du Faubourg Poissonnièr – just 20 minutes in the car from the hustle and bustle of the Champs Élysées.

The menu is vibrant and inventive; a true foodie experience. Included in what they offer are unusual vegan cheese boards, filling Portobello mushroom burgers and yummy courgette lasagna. I think my favourite savoury dish was their seaweed tartare – may sound odd – but give it a chance, you’ll only be wanting more. Above all, are their mouth-watering array of desserts. Their nectarine crumble is crunchy and sweet whilst their chocolate cake is truly sensational.

EXKi- vegan in Paris

42 Degrés is a little bit more expensive than some vegan spots in Paris, but, I think it’s worth the money. Particularly if you’re celebrating something special whilst you’re out there, it’s the right restaurant for you.

My advice would be to book a table in advance like I did – almost all the tables were taken after only half an hour of them being open on a Saturday night.


EXKi is a chain of cafés that are located all over Paris. Whilst it is not a vegan eatery, it caters incredibly well for vegans, hence why I am including it. Due to its many locations, it’s a perfect place to know about, as they’ll likely be one near you wherever you are in central Paris. If you want a quick bite that suits everybody, this is the most convenient place I’ve found. Infact, I randomly came across EXKi after visiting the Louvré and I was pleasantly surprised.

It is a convenient and inexpensive spot that reminded me of coffee shops such as Eat and Pret that we have here in England.

On offer, EXKi has several vegan salad bowls and sandwiches filled with fresh and flavoursome ingredients. As well as this, they serve vegetable spring rolls, hot dishes and soups. Their smoothies are so sweet and their dark chocolate orange snacks are perfect for a grab-and-go sweet treat.

EXKi proves that being vegan doesn’t mean you should be the odd-one-out and inconvenient to the rest. With so much wonderful food on offer, being vegan in Paris is as easy as counting to three.

Le Potager du Marais

Le Potager du Marais is a quaint fully vegan restaurant – with plenty of gluten-free options – located on Rue Rambuteau. It is just five minutes from the popular and trendy Le Marais neighbourhood.

Le Potager du Marais - vegan in Paris

Le Potager du Marais is a unique and authentic eatery in Paris. This is because it serves traditional French cuisine, adapting it to suit a vegan lifestyle. This restaurant helps to prove that just because you’re vegan in Paris, it doesn’t mean you’re missing out on their traditional fare!

This is something I’ve never seen done before and therefore, I had to go. So, I decided to visit for dinner on my last night and I did not leave disappointed. Their menu features French onion soup, pâtés, “beef” bourguignon and savoury buckwheat pancakes. But, as per usual, it was the dessert menu that I was most excited about.

Crème brûlee – yes please! Although, the best dessert, in my opinion, was the warm walnut carrot cake. It truly was the perfect balance of sweet, nutty and spicy – from the cinnamon, not paprika.

Like 42 Degrés, Le Potager du Marais is a very busy resteraunt no matter what day you visit. You’ll struggle to get a table if you don’t book, so be sure to book in advance (which is what I did) to avoid disappointment. This is a place you really don’t want to miss out on!

Wild & The Moon

Wild & The Moon is a fully vegan café and juice bar that has several locations all over central Paris. The one I visited was just a few minutes’ walk from the famous Le Galeries Lafayette. If you don’t know what that is, think of it as the Harrods of Paris.

All the produce at Wild & The Moon is locally and ethically sourced as well as one hundred percent organic. In addition to the pure cold-pressed juices, creamy smoothies and “ice cream”, they offer nourishing salad bowls and flavoursome sweet treats. What’s more, is that every day they have a different hot dish, soup and focaccia – keeping things interesting and new for the locals.

Wild & The Moon - vegan in Paris

If you do go here on your trip to Paris, make sure to order the chai latte – it is the best warming pick-me-up after a busy day of sight-seeing. And, do go there on an empty stomach as you’ll want to have space to try at least one item off their large dessert menu. Trust me.

More vegan spots…

 As I visited Paris in the peak of the summer, many resteraunts and cafés were closed. Also, only being there for a long weekend meant that I unfortunately couldn’t visit every vegan spot in the city. So, here are a few that I have seen fantastic reviews on that I haven’t tried out for myself yet – hopefully you can.

Le Potager de Charlotte

Le Potager de Charlotte is a fully vegan small café that offers seasonal and interesting dishes based upon European style cuisine. On offer, includes chickpea and rice pancakes, roasted aubergine and a delightful sounding dessert menu. Although, I must say, their Sunday brunch menu looks truly divine. As a vegan in Paris, I’d perhaps try to make your pit-stop here on the weekend.

Tien Hiang

Tien Hiang is a plant-based resteraunt that serves traditional Asian food. It is not fully vegan as they offer one dish that contains cheese. They are in such high customer demand that they had to open another branch — please open in London next. You can indulge in well-known Asian rice and noodle dishes which incorporate mock meats and fish to really make you wonder, “are you sure this is vegan?” When I next visit Paris, this is first on my list to visit – I’m the biggest fan of Asian cuisine, I don’t know why I didn’t make it a priority to visit the last two times!

Acaí bowls - vegan in Paris

VG Patisserie

VG Patisserie is a fully vegan authentic French patisserie. To my disappointment, this café was closed when I visited – typical, hey. I’ll make a bee-line there next time, it was my top place to visit. With fresh pastries, cakes, macaroons and chocolate eclairs with cream could you really go wrong? In photos, the food looks like little works of art, so dainty and sweet and — of course — ever so Parisian. Therefore, if you get a pastry craving, it makes the most sense to choose a pastry (or two) from here. Enjoy.

Jah Jah by Le Tricycle

Jah Jah by Le Tricycle is a fully vegan and gluten-free resteraunt that offer Afro-vegan cuisine. The dishes are inspired by the traditions of India, South America and the Caribbean.  The menu looks so tasty and fresh. It is made up of cold, hot and raw dishes including hot dogs, barbecue cauliflower wings, spring rolls and their bowl of the day, every day. It seems like the perfect place to truly enlighten the taste buds!

If you live in London, like me, or are visiting anytime soon, have a read of my “The Ultimate Vegan Dessert Guide: London” article. It’ll give you all the best spots to go to whilst you’re out and about exploring the stylish city.


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