Time-Poor Professional Women Drive Demand For On-Demand Beauty Services

On-demand beauty

The number of ‘time-poor’ professional women using an on-demand makeup and hair platform doubles in a year, reveals Beyou. The UK’s leading nationwide app that allows you to book make-up artists and hair stylists whenever you want, wherever you are, says bookings to workplaces have jumped more than 100% over the last 12 months.


on-demand beauty
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Charlotte Green, Beyou CEO and co-founder, comments: “Whilst most bookings remain in homes and hotels, this year we have seen a monumental jump in the number of people seeking makeup artists and hair stylists to go to their workplace. These clients tend to be successful but time-poor professionals wanting to look their best for daytime meetings, power lunches and after-work events. Typically they’re at the top of their game career-wise.  They have the ability, the skill set, and the work ethic, but often struggle finding the time they know is important for them to look great. We ‘get’ this completely. We spent several years living the corporate lifestyle in Dubai with limited time, but an understanding of the importance of looking good. There we got used to the fast-paced digital beauty services offered at the click of a button. This changed our lives and is ultimately why we decided to set-up Beyou here in the UK.”


The app

Nawal Alkhedairy, Beyou director and co-founder, observes: “The app connects make-up artists and hairstylists with people needing their services at a time that suits their often hectic schedules. “Booking a make-up artist and/or hair stylist with all their expertise, tips, tricks and materials to come to the workplace proves to be a real time-saver. They’re there for you, and you only.  There’s no traffic or parking problems and no delays in salons that you need to take into account.”


on-demand beauty
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Charlotte concludes: “These clients tell us that blow-dries, manicures and makeup are as important as their outfits and shoes, when it comes to looking more polished and professional in a working environment.”

The Beyou service, which is now available across Britain for all occasions and for all budgets, has clients including chart-topping singer-songwriters, A-list actresses and reality and social media stars.

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