Tips and Tricks to Having a Comfortable and Stress-Free Flight

Traveling can be fun and exciting, but it can also be uncomfortable and stressful. It is a time to enjoy and a time to worry. We are here to make sure that you are comfortable (not stressed!) on your next traveling adventure.The best way to de-stress the trip is to make sure that you have pre-planned, that you get to the airport in good time and that you land the best seat during your flight.  We all have different ways of dealing with stress, but for most of us the pressure of catching a flight on time can end up ruining the beginning part of our holiday. So we have compiled some of our top tips for keeping your cool and staying comfortable during your next flight.


Pre-plan your parking


No one wants to be running around on the day of their flight wondering where on earth they should park. Your Journey is always going to be more comfortable and less stressful if you pre-plan a lot of the details. So wherever you are flying from, make sure that your parking is sorted.

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Decide what seat it is that you want


There are a series of questions that you need to ask yourself in order to figure out just what seat it is that you deem to be perfect. Having the right seat for you is an important aspect of staying comfortable throughout your flight!



  • Aisle or window seat: We all have different preferences, some will go for a window seat and others will go for an aisle seat. The best thing about the aisle seats is that you get to stretch your feet. This is especially great when you are taking a long haul flight. You might not get the same comfort when in the window seat, but you get to enjoy the spectacular view.  These are all things that you need to consider before you make a decision on the seat that works for you. Once you have decided on your seat, you can book accordingly.
  • Emergency exit Seats: Another seat to consider is one near the emergency exit. This is because there is plenty of room where you can enjoy resting your feet and relaxing. Note that you might be required to help in case of an emergency.



Which part of the plane should you avoid?

When booking air tickets, there are seats that you need to completely avoid, no matter what. This is because you need to enjoy a flight that is smooth and noiseless. The best place to be is at the front of the plane. The only real noise will come from the landing gear being pulled, and this only lasts for a few seconds. In the middle section you can expect a bit of noise as it is parallel to the engines. The middle will still be smooth though and you shouldn’t experience many bumps. The back of the plane is the part that you need to avoid, as this will be very noisy and bumpy.


Make sure you get to the airport in good time


Now we know that this one may seem a little obvious, but one of the most important parts of staying calm and collected is by getting to the airport with plenty of time to spare. Make sure you have pre-planned your parking option and that your transfer to the airport will get you there in good time!

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Take a pillow and some earplugs with you


One of the best pieces of advice that we can give you on how to have a comfortable journey is to take a pillow with you. Airplane journeys can be noisy, uncomfortable and long. If you end up not finding the seat that you want then you can at least make the journey as comfortable as possible. So remember to take a good book, some music, a bit of food, an eye mask and a good pillow to ensure maximum comfort during your flight.  


Overall flights do tend to be a stressful and uncomfortable time. But hopefully these tips will allow you to enjoy your journey in a stress free way. From picking your seats, avoiding certain parts of the plane and pre-planning your parking to taking some comforting bits and pieces with you, these tips will all help reduce the stress and increase the comfort. So bear this in mind for your next big flight and learn to enjoy your journey!

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