Tips to Look and Feel Good Every Day

Want to look and feel good every day?

Look and feel good every day
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When you have an important event looming the time races by until suddenly it’s bedtime

Ahhh. You are nowhere near prepared. In fact you are freaking out. This will not do you any favours come the morning.
The great thing about being a grown-up is you can practise time management so this turn of events does not happen. Even if it does you can still execute a rescue plan to see your best foot stepping out of the door ready to seize the day.

If you can manage to manage your time then I suggest preparing a week in advance. Drastically changing your routine with 24 hours to go will see you flustered, under slept and babbling in your interview from sheer exhaustion. Better yet why not adopt this routine every night. Who doesn’t want to look and feel good every day?

When something is playing on your mind sleep will elude you. Being prepared will not mean you escape this state of affairs as the brain has an agenda all of its own

However, if all your ducks are in a row for the morning then lack of sleep will be your only impediment. What you eat the night before is very important as is what you eat when you wake up. Any foods containing tryptophan — which is a sleep-inducing amino acid — are good. These include turkey, bread, eggs, bananas, milk and chocolate. Tryptophan is a natural mood regulator bringing calming effects as well as reducing anxiety and regulating and balancing your mood. All of which, you need the night before a big event.


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The ‘night before’ check list is short and sweet

First things first, and that is to have chosen your outfit and hung it outside the wardrobe to stop last-minute panic changes. I strongly suggest you start working on your outfit the week before in case parts of it need cleaning or mending. You may even need to buy an accessory to pull it all together. Next, clean your bag and shoes (obvious but sometimes forgotten until the last minute). Check you have all your paperwork, money, Oyster card and a charged phone — then place the bag by the door.


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Now a sleep inducing night-time beauty routine

  • Use a gentle face mask and shower while it is doing it’s job.
  • A sugar scrub will cleanse and polish your skin. Beware — a salt scrub will invigorate you so leave that for a morning shower.
  • Next reach for a thick body lotion . Apply with long, repeated strokes. This will increase blood supply to the skin giving it a glow and the movements will relax you.
  • Remove the mask with a sponge and apply your serums and creams.
  • Next onto your hair prep. You should have decided what style you’ll be going for already. Styling your hair in the morning will be easier if you wash it the day before, as freshly washed hair is not keen to behave.
  • If you have a lavender spray use it around the bedroom to create a calm environment. Rose also works well. Stay away from any citrus aromas in all your products as this will keep you alert.
  • Apply a thick layer of foot lotion, cover with a pair of sock and hop into bed.


If you want to look and feel good every day, ditch electronic devices at night.  Do not surf the internet or constantly check your phone as such devices have been proven to prevent sleep. Stop all of this activity at least an hour before hitting the hay

Hand cream and lip balm are next. Then, read a book! Yes. Give Netflix a rest for a bit. Do not force yourself to go to sleep as this is counter-productive and your brain will drift to the questions you may or may not be asked in the morning.

In the morning try to eat something. A rumbling stomach and wandering mind will make you lose focus. Especially if you have a job interview that morning. Overnight oats with fruit and your usual choice of tea or coffee will kick start the engine without adding processed sugar. Overdoing the caffeine will leave you jittery and unfocused so this is not the time to try an espresso!


Overnight Oats Recipes

  • 1 cup rolled oats
  • Cinnamon
  • Salt
  • 3/4 cup whole milk or milk alternative of your choice – i.e. almond, rice…
  • Cranberries, blueberries and/or other dried fruits of your choice
  • Sweeten with either raw honey, agave nectar or organic maple syrup


  • Combine the oats with the milk, a pinch of cinnamon and 1/4 tsp salt
  • Place in a bowl then refrigerate overnight – about 8 hours


In the morning loosen the oats with more milk then top with berries and a teaspoon of your chosen sweetener. This will give you a slow release of energy throughout the day with the added calming effects from the oats.

Good luck!

Post Author: Rowena Kitchen

Rowena Kitchen
I am a qualified beautician active in the industry for over 20 years. To me health and beauty go hand in hand. What you put in your body is as important as what you put on it. My USP is my love of finding ideas to make money go a long way by making informed choices about what to invest in. I love everything about the beauty business and bring my joy and caution in equal measure to my writing and exploration.

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