Top 10 Christmas Traditions to Fuel Your Festive Spirit

Hands up if you’re already feeling the Christmas spirit?! The festive season is nearly upon us and it’s hard to contain the excitement. I love getting to spend time with my favourite people amongst all the twinkly lights, fabulous food and pretty presents. It got me thinking about all the obligatory Christmas traditions that my family and friends do every year. Without them, it wouldn’t really feel like Christmas! Here are our top ten traditions that will give you the Christmas feels.


christmas traditions
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1. Decorating the tree

Home doesn’t feel festive until the Christmas tree is up! One of my favourite traditions is getting the family together, putting on Christmas music, retrieving all the baubles and decorations from the loft and putting the tree up together. We have loads of personalised baubles and decorations we’ve collected over the years, so it’s a lovely way to reminisce. 

2. Making wreaths

Christmas wreaths are the perfect way to make any home feel festive. Making your own is a great tradition, we always go on a walk to collect bits of branches and pinecones and then buy some pretty bows, ribbon and glitter to add some sparkle. Hang them on your front door and voila – Christmas is here! 

3. Drinking mulled wine


What’s better than curling up on the sofa, putting the fire on and sipping a warm cup of mulled wine? The taste and smell of all the spices really gets me in the festive spirit! If wine isn’t your thing – why not try mulled cider instead? It’s sure to get your taste buds tingling.

4. Binging on Christmas films

Spending an afternoon binge watching Christmas films in pyjamas is essential! There are some films that I HAVE to watch every year without fail – Home Alone, The Grinch, Elf and Love Actually. Classics!

5. Baking festive treats

The smell of gingerbread never fails to give me the festive feels! If your skills are far from Mary Berry standards, you can get ready made kits now which make it super easy to create the perfect gingerbread house. Get creative, the more decoration the better! 


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6. Secret Santa

Many may dread the work secret Santa, but I secretly love this tradition – it is a great excuse to find fun festive treats. And more presents? I’m not complaining!

7. Advent calendars

Are you one of those people that eats your way through your advent calendar by the 10th of December? Me too. But it really wouldn’t feel like Christmas without it. There are so many fun ones you can get now, from make up to candles, you name it, there is an advent calendar!

8. Picking presents

Yes, some people dread the inevitable Christmas shopping spree. But seeing your favourite people light up when you’ve given them the perfect present is priceless.


It’s the only time of year that we can consume everything in sight just because ‘it’s Christmas!’. That post-dinner food coma is an integral part of creating those festive feels.

10. Playing games

In our household, it wouldn’t be Christmas without the entire family failing miserably at Monopoly. But I wouldn’t change it. Playing games is one of the most enjoyable parts of the festive season. Even if I lose AGAIN…

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