Transformation Tuesday: Cheryl Tweedy

From chavvy to savvy. Not only has her name changed a few times but new mum, Cheryl Tweedy, has had a total style transformation over the years.  We all have old photos of ourselves we wish didn’t exist… you know the ones I mean. The ones where you thought it was really cool to wear bright yellow dungarees teamed with pink crocs…or was that just me? I think it’s a universal desire that any photos taken of you before the age of 18 need to be removed from the internet or even the face of the planet. I doubt many celebrities have suffered more from these tragic photos than Cheryl. In 2002 Cheryl Tweedy came to our attention when she featured in Popstars: The Rivals. From there her fame skyrocketed as her group, Girls Aloud’s fame increased. By the time Cheryl had divorced Ashley Cole in 2010 she was already becoming a fully-fledged fashionista…




It’s comforting to know Cheryl’s teeth weren’t always so Hollywood and that chipped nails were something she was familiar with too at one time…




It might have been 2003 but baggy black trousers and two toned hair is still not okay.




Matching your look with your partners is always a tad vomit-inducing… especially when the look in question is stripy shirts with only two buttons done up…




Big hair, don’t care. Arguably a few too many extensions, but Cheryl’s dress is demure and her make-up is flawless… It’s getting interesting…




It doesn’t matter that I don’t quite know where the floor ends and Cheryl’s dress starts, what matters is that she looks like a fashion phoenix rising from the ashes of those matching shirts…




There’s a reason all those camera are pointing at Cheryl. From the dress, to the hair, to the perfectly tanned limbs – Tweedy screams glamour… and let’s be honest – who doesn’t want to be that girl?




Cheryl repped high street favourite Topshop at the British Fashion Awards in 2015.  Before you get excited the dress was custom made for the singer…




If you’re going to wear a jumpsuit on the red carpet this is the effect you need to go forcourtesy of Zuhair Murad.



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