Transformation Tuesday: Katy Perry

Last week at the Met Gala Katy Perry’s Maison Margiela look divided critics. It was pretty much like Marmite – you either loved it or hated it – there was no in between. Well, it wasn’t long ago when Katy Perry’s appearance on a red carpet barely got a mention. Since finally hitting the big time back in 2008 with ‘I kissed a Girl’ Perry has been a regular on the red carpet and awards shows and whilst her performance outfits have often hit the mark (creatively at the very least), it’s taken a while for her red carpet attire to catch up…



First rule of hitting the red carpet; ditch the coat – unless it enhances the look and in this case it doesn’t. Chances are the top she had underneath was worth hiding. I’m ignoring the jeans as it was the mid-Noughties and we were obsessed with turn-ups and the boot cut…the less said about that, the better…


To this day I’m convinced that this outfit was either a dare or an inside joke.  Ironically Perry was attending the opening of a boutique in LA. It’s a shame she didn’t pick up a replacement outfit whilst she was there.


There’s rarely a situation that calls for nude shiny tights. Particularly when you’re wearing bright blue satin and ballet pumps. Clearly her label’s budget hasn’t stretched to a stylist and glam squad.


Ironically Perry is at a New York Fashion Week event – looking dare we say, beyond ordinary.  She’s yet to release her first hit I Kissed a Girl so we’ll forgive her fr not making more of an effort. I’m sure she wasn’t expecting to get papped…


What a difference a few months make.  Fame now beckons and it’s clear her record label have loosened the purse strings and invested in some professional style assistance. Now we see a more polished version of her quirky style emerging…


Fast forward five years and Perry i a fully fledged member of the fash pack. She still has her quirky, lighthearted style but she’s now rocking the big designer labels. Here is one of her more popular looks in head to toe Dolce & Gabbana at Coachella.


Gone is the nod to ’50s pinup style which she’s replaced with a sophisticated,  minimal, Victorian inspired look. The style chameleon still regularly switches up her look ranging from gothic to old Hollywood glamour.


Here she is at the Brit Awards earlier this year rocking this heavily embellished mini dress and blazer from Versace. Which, she pulled off spectacularly.

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