Transformation Tuesday: London Fields Fitness – Booty Camp

They Say: Cheeky Fitness class for bums, tums, guns and fun! Name checked by everyone who’s anyone including the Evening Standard (‘Best Targeted Workouts’ 2016) and Hello Magazine (Foxes’ Dream Day 2016), Sapan’s famous Booty Camp is a sure fire winner, full of laughs. It has even been credited with starting a social movement (read The Debrief’s feature on Booty Camp- ‘Sober is the new drunk and exercise is the new clubbing’). Open to all levels, this is a great class to bring a friend to.

We Say:  When it comes to getting me to the gym it’s quite simple – the prospect of showing off new gym wear or a novelty class. An aerobics class with house music and glo sticks – I’m interested! Yoga poses to a soundtrack of 80’s classics – I’m all over it. While I do enjoy working out (once I’m there) my attention span is limited so I constantly need motivation. So, when I received an invite to try out the Booty Camp class at London Fields Fitness I jumped at the chance.  London Fields Fitness is the brainchild of personal trainer Sapan Sehgal. Sapan opened the studio in 2010 a stone’s throw from London Field’s Overground station. So, at 10:55 on a Saturday morning I found myself enthusiastically power walking the 2-minute journey from the train station. My gym membership has been gathering dust so I was hopeful that my workout would inspire me to get back on the gym flex.  London Fields Fitness is a large open plan studio space with the room divided up into stations. The main area close to the entrance is used for classes with weight machines and other equipment located towards the back of the room.


Upon arrival I was greeted with a smile from Sapan and promptly had my name ticked off and joined the other early birds on the bench. Classes can be booked in advance and the centre operate a drop in system whereby you pay £5.00 per class – which is perfect for non-committals like myself.  Booty Camp is, as the name suggest, all about buffing up your derriere…and did my derriere get a work out. Firstly my lack of acquaintance with a gym became very evident when after the vigorous warm up (which included the bane of my life – burpees) I drained my bottle of water and scrambled to the side of the room for a cheeky breather.  Despite this I was determined to make it through the 60 minute class.


You’ll struggle to not warm to Sapan. He uses humour and warmth to motivate the class through a series of thigh trembling exercises and at times you forget that you’re working out. Actually, that’s a lie – you don’t forget that you’re working out because you’ll be in pain for most of the 60 minutes, but..and it’s a big but – you’ll feel as though there is a light at the end of the tunnel as there is a sense of camaraderie in the room. There were a lot of exercises carried out in pairs; but don’t worry if you can’t find a friend to take the pain with you because you’ll definitely make a new one.  At several points I wanted to cry (I’m being over dramatic, I know) but I’m going to be honest with you – this isn’t a class for the faint-hearted or unfit.  If you haven’t worked out for a while – you’ll struggle, plain and simple. You will work your arse off (pun intended). My thighs and buttocks hated me for a few days afterwards but as the saying goes – no pain, no gain.  If you want to tone up – this is the class for you! Honestly, if I lived closer to the studio I would be there on a regular basis.


The main highlights of the class was when the clock struck 12pm signalling the end…I jest. The highlights for me was the variety in exercises and the fact that we moved around the room a lot as opposed to doing everything on one spot.  And, of course Sapan’s delivery and expertise is what gives the class it’s appeal.   So, whilst I can’t guarantee that you’ll get a booty to rival Beyonce’s – after a few classes I’ll be surprised if you don’t see a increase in your fitness level and at the very least your abs will get a workout from the laughs you’ll have – mainly at yourselves when you realise you’re not as fit as you think you are. That aside myself and my +1 left the studio with a smile and a skip in our step…I say skip – it was more a limp. We were so proud of ourselves that we hotfooted it to nearby Cafe 338 in Bethnal Green for a well deserved full English!



Bye or Buy: Definitely Buy – push through the exercises  – you’ll be pleased you did!


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