Transformation Tuesday: Miley Cyrus

Since bursting onto our screens as Hannah Montana in 2006 it’s easy to forget that Miley Cyrus is still only 24.  Miley well and truly shed her sweet as saccharin wholesome image – that MTV Video Music Award performance made sure that image was dead and buried – but since then Miley appeared to have found peace and is portraying a much more balanced and happy image, no doubt heavily influenced by her reconnecting with her ex Liam Hemsworth which resulted in a proposal.  Despite announcing in 2016 that she would quit walking the red carpet at events, in light of her latest new single ‘Malibu’ we thought it fitting to take a look back at how her style developed from the 11-year-old Disney sweetheart to the crop haired, outspoken young woman we see today…



Here’s a 13-year-old Miley at the 2nd Annual Celebrity Rock’N Bowl tournament. In her age-appropriate outfit of jeans and a loose top the singer looks as if butter wouldn’t melt…awwww.



Attending the American Music Awards two years later on her 16th birthday we see a more grown up Miley in a mini cocktail dress. She’s still America’s sweetheart and looks like any other teenager heading to their school prom.



She’s legally an adult now, a household name and is looking like a star. With her sleek, soft curls and gorgeous Marchesa gown Miley was sexing up her image and gearing up to finally lay Hannah Montana well and truly to rest.



Jenny Packham was the designer of choice for this red carpet appearance for the American Giving Awards. By now Miley has designers queuing up to wear their gowns on the red carpet. You can start to see her personal rock chick influence though in her choice of jewellery…



Bye bye good girl hello wild child. Miley gave her trademark mousey brown locks the chop and replaced it with a platinum blond crop. The transformation from Disney princess to raunchy pop star was in full swing.



At the release party in NYC for her highly anticipated album Bangerz Miley dressed down for the red carpet in a white crop top and ripped jeans. She later changed into something more comfortable which turned out to be miniscule pink hotpants and a matching bikini top. Watch out RiRi.



Miley get’s a thumbs up from us for this ensemble at this year’s MTV Video Music Awards. Here’s a great example of how to wear leather in the summer – keep it loose on the bottom and minimal on top – hot bod required though.



Miley sure knows how to create a memorable moment because this was her last red carpet look…EVER…well, for the foreseeable future at the very least. She questioned why she should had to walk red carpet when people around the world were starving. Well let’s just say it’s going to take a very worthy cause to tempt Miley back on a red carpet…




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