Transformation Tuesday: Style Evolution – Emma Watson

Emma Watson has literally grown up before our eyes. We are sure she is a bit tired of being remembered as Hermione Granger from Harry Potter, but when you’re one of the stars of such an iconic series of books and films, people aren’t going to forget any time soon!


But what we love most about Emma Watson, is the fact she has curated herself into an amazing example for young women everywhere. We have seen her put in front of the spotlight from the tender age of 11, and handle it with grace. We have also seen Emma’s amazing style transformation throughout the years, as a young girl playing dress up at premiers, to a young woman who is a style, and life icon, for many.
In a recent Ellen interview, Emma was taken down her own memory lane as she was shown images of her first premiere outfit. She took it in her stride, saying that she truly believed she looked ‘amazing’ at this time, and the outfit took weeks of planning between her and her mother. It’s safe to say, Emma has come a long way from floor length denim dresses and feather boas. (Watch the video below)


These pictures show Emma at her first premiers for the …Sorcerer’s Stone in the US and the UK’s  ...Philosopher’s Stone in 2001. She’s rocking some truly millennial styles. Maybe this is proof that fashion does come full circle, as Chanel showed a lot of feather trimming in their 2017 couture show!


Fast forward to 2010 Emma at the premieres for the …Deathly Hallows Part 1 and 2, which show her transformation from literally head to toe. Aside from growing a good foot or so in height, Emma showed off her newly cropped hair, which for her was a defining moment of the ending of her Harry Potter life – and contract – meaning she could finally shed that Hermione hair.


The Part 2 premiere was truly the peak of Emma’s transformation, she wore a stunning pale blue Oscar de la Renta ball gown and her slightly longer hair simply parted to the side.


For the New York premier, Emma chose a golden, deconstructed ball gown by Bottega Veneta, which has a corset style top and a voluminous draped skirt. Both these looks proved that Emma Watson truly joined the real world of fashion, even if that did mean being reduced to muggle status.


Perhaps some of the biggest transformations for Emma were still to take place, when in 2014 she secured a position as UN Women Goodwill Ambassador and delivered powerful speeches on the topics of education and women’s rights. One of the most noteworthy was her address at the UN Headquarters in New York City to mark the launch of the UN Women campaign, HeForShe, which saw Emma call for men to adopt feminism just as many women have.


Emma’s philanthropic work has even extended to her fashion, and she certainly caused a stir for all the right reasons when she wore a 100% recycled an eco-friendly outfit created by Calvin Klein to the 2016 Met Gala. The outfit boasted a corset bodice paired with deconstructed trousers and detachable train, the point being each piece of the outfit could be worn individually, to minimise a lot of work on an outfit designed for single use.



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