Turn Your Passion for Beauty into a Career This New Year

Are you looking to switch up your career next year? If you have a passion for beauty, you could easily turn that into a potentially lucrative business. However, before jumping in, there’s a few things you’re going to need to do in order to set yourself up within the beauty industry. 

Here, you’ll discover everything you need to know about training to become a beautician. Remember, the earlier you get started with your beauty qualifications, the quicker you’ll be able to switch careers!


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What training do you need?

In order to become a professional beauty therapist, the first training you’ll need to complete is an NVQ level 2, followed by a level 3 qualification in Beauty Therapy. Many students taking these courses tend to enhance their training by working within a salon environment as an assistant. You’ll also find some salons may employ you as a junior trainee once you’ve completed your NVQ level 2. You’ll then be able to continue working with them while you complete your level 3 training. 

You can typically carry out an NVQ at either a local college or within a private beauty school. Once you’ve received these initial qualifications, you’ll be able to work as a beautician. 


Training in-person or online? 

These days, there are numerous ways to achieve the beauty qualifications and training you need to become a beautician. The main choice you’ll have is whether to learn online or in-person. 

Now, it’s worth noting that in order to achieve the initial NVQ qualifications, you will usually need to undergo in-person training. This is because you’ll need to actually put the skills you’re learning into practice. However, once you’ve completed the initial courses, any further training you carry out could be done online. 

Online courses do tend to be more convenient as you can learn at your own pace and you aren’t restricted by location. 


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Why consider specialist training?

While you could technically stop training once you’ve achieved your NVQ level 3, there are a lot of benefits which come from continued training. Taking a course in more specialised areas enables you to offer more services to your clients. This helps to set you apart from the competition and also boosts your income streams. You’ll find a wide range of beauty training courses available through companies such as Capital Hair & Beauty. 

The cost of these courses will be paid back quickly through the additional services you’ll be able to offer. 

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