Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide for Everyone you Love

A number of gift guides with present ideas for everyone on your Christmas list this year…

The Women’s Beauty Lovers Gift Guide

For the women in your life that love all things beauty, from skincare to hair care, pamper products to practical necessities, this is the gift guide for them…

Magn!tone Wipe Out | £15 at FeelUnique.com

This fantastic little product is the perfect gift for any makeup lover this Christmas. With warm water, these Wipe Out cloths from Magn!tone easily remove make up. No cleanser is needed, only water, making it the perfect make up remover for all skin types and for the sensitive area around the eyes. The microfibers have a grab and hold technique, that lifts both long-wear and oil based makeup products. It is machine washable and can be used up to 1000 times. Each pack contains two cloths making this the ideal beauty gift for travelers and those conscious of the environment.

Palmer’s Perfecting Facial Oil | £9.99 at FeelUnique.com

This facial oil is the ideal present for any skincare lover. It is suitable for all skin types and is designed to help to reduce the appearance of fine lines, something everyone can relate too. The oil is one hundred percent paraben free, and contains nine pure oils. When used daily, the formula deeply nourishes the skin and helps to prevent the signs of aging. Three to four drops should be applied to the face and neck after cleansing and massaged into the skin in a circular motion to allow the skin to appear more radiant, youthful and healthy. It is the perfect stocking filler for any female beauty lover.

Coola Liplux | £10.95 at CultBeauty.co.uk

Products containing SPF should be applied all year round, as the sunshine, even in winter, can be harmful to the skin. This peppermint balm is ideal for lips during the colder months as it has an SPF of 15 and is waterproof for up to eighty minutes. It is an environmentally friendly product that contains seventy percent certified organic ingredients, is GMO free and cruelty free. It is a great little stocking filler, or a lovely addition to any pamper gift set.

Tiana Intensive Hair Treatment | £13.12 at Holland & Barrett

This Intensive Hair Treatment is the ideal gift for anyone on your gift list that enjoys silky smooth, luscious locks. This coconut treatment is naturally solid in temperatures below twenty-five degrees and so it needs to be gently warmed before use. It is a deeply nourishing treatment that leaves hair feeling amazingly soft and silky smooth. Once warmed, only a small amount of the product is needed, which should be massaged into the hair. It can be either left in for about twenty minutes before washing, or kept on overnight and washed out in the morning, for a more intensive treatment.

Toni & Guy Style Fix Curler | £29 at Boots

This is a great gift for anyone who loves to style her hair effortlessly. It is ideal for beginners or seasoned pros when it comes to styling hair; due to its ease of use. It has a twenty-five-millimeter barrel that creates amazing waves and curls in an instant. It has worldwide voltage and is handbag sized, making this the perfect hair styling travel companion. The teal and black design makes it a universal hair styling tool for all ages, and is a great present for mums, grans, daughters and friends.

Sensse Hot & Cold Facial Bar | £25 on amazon.co.uk

For anyone that loves a facial, or trip to the spa, this Hot & Cold Facial Bar is a great gift idea. This at home treatment by Sensse provides an instant skin refresh and a long lasting radiant glow. The hand held device should be used once a day and has four different settings. The active hot mode is set to 42 degrees and will open up the pores. Then, using the hot mode with vibration, you can apply your favourite moisturiser and allow the product to work its magic deep down. The cool mode setting will then close the pores, locking in moisture. To finish, the vibrate-cool mode should be used to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It energises and brightens the skin, increasing elasticity and promoting a youthful appearance to the skin.


The Quirky Knick-Knack Lovers Gift Guide

For those who love cute little knick-knacks, quirky gifts and everything in between, here is the perfect list of things to buy this Christmas…

Tangle Angel Baby | £4.95 at Tangle Angel

This key ring brush is the perfect companion for any one who wants to keep their hair on fleek when out and about. It is the perfect size to fit in any handbag and take on the go whether traveling, on a night out, or on trip to the gym. It is a complete miniature of the Tangle Angel; one of the best hairbrushes to have hit the market of late. It is waterproof, antibacterial, ergonomic, and works a treat on both wet and dry hair.


Lypsyl Mirror Compact Luxurious Vanilla | £4.99 at Superdrug

The Lypsyl Mirror Compact is a brilliant little stocking filler to give this Christmas. Winter is the time of year we need to look after ourselves, and as the cooler weather strikes, it can greatly affect our lips, leaving them dry and chapped. Lip balm is a great present to give that can be used well into the next year. This one is enriched with Aloe Vera, vitamin E and shea butter and what’s more, it comes with a cute little compact mirror, making it even better!

Heart Shaped Pasta | £2.99 at Findmeagift.co.uk

This is a great little stocking filler or side present for any food lover. This 250g bag of heart shaped pasta is ideal for anyone who loves food, something a little different, or it can be an additional gift to go along side a cookbook. It should be cooked for 5-7 minute and is made from drum wheat, tomato and spinach, which is what makes the various colours within the packet. At this affordable price, it is a great stocking filler gift for a loved one, or someone who likes quirky little gifts.

Chocolate Sprouts | £9.99 at Notonthehighstreet.com

Speaking of quirky little gifts, these handmade white Belgian chocolate sprouts are a fantastic present to give away this Christmas. They are hand painted, and these white chocolate goodies are a perfect replica of the infamous Christmas vegetable. These chocolates are a great present to either give to someone who loves these little green vegetables, or equally to someone you know that hates these festive veggies. Either way, it is a comical present that will have your friends and family laughing on the big day.

Bomb Cosmetics Bath Bombs | £2.99 at Flamingo Gifts

Winter calls for pamper nights, and long hot baths. Bath bombs are a great gift to give this year to anyone that loves a steaming hot bath this Christmas. These ones from Bomb Cosmetics are extremely affordable and they have a huge range available. These are perfect stocking fillers, or again can be a side gift to something a little bigger. These bath bombs are unique, brightly coloured and the perfect gift if you wanted to find something a little different.


The Gadget Lover Gift Guide

Have a read of this list to find the perfect present for those who love all things electrical, ranging from beauty, to practical, to entertainment picks…


Echo Dot | £49.99 on amazon.co.uk

Something that has hit the Internet by storm this festive season is the Echo Dot. This at home device has a range of functions, all designed to make control over your home easy. The Echo is programed to recognize your voice, and in tern you are able to make a series of requests. The device can play music, provide information, read the news, set alarms and control smart home devices. You can use the Echo to control your speakers though Bluetooth and stream music from Spotify and Amazon Music. It is fit with seven microphones and noise cancellation, meaning that it can hear your voice from across a room and will respond with in the inbuilt speaker.

Magn!tone First Step Cleansing Brush | £39.99 at Magnitone.co.uk

For those that love a gadget and are great fans of beauty products, the Magn!tone Cleansing Brush is an ideal gift. This electrical, vibra-sonic, deep pore cleansing brush is designed to reduce the appearance of breakouts. It can be used with any cleanser, to provide a deep clean, and visible results can be achieved from the very first use. It is USB rechargeable and compact, making it an ideal travel companion, or can be easily taken to the gym. It is completely waterproof meaning that it can be used in the bath or shower. (You can check our review of the Barefaced! Model here)

Trackr Bravo | £29.99 Trackr Pixel | £24.99 at Halfords.com

These handy little gadgets from Trackr are the perfect gift for any electronic enthusiast. There are a few different products available, each of which are designed to find misplaced items. By connecting one of the Trackr products to keys, a bike or any other item of value, the GPS tracking system allows you to locate lost items on a map. They are small and slim, meaning that they can fit into any wallet. They are also powered by a user replacer battery, which will last up to one year. If you misplace your phone, it can be easily located as the Trackr devices set off the ringer on your phone, even if it is on silent, allowing you to find it. These are incredibly handy little devices that ensure that you will never loose anything of value again.

Yubico Yubikey – £18-£45 depending on model available on amazon.co.uk

Social media, technology and the Internet are so prevalent in modern day society. Because of this, public access Wi-Fi has become more and more available, which means that we log into personal information publicly, almost on a daily basis. The design of Yubico is to create a safe environment to log into personal accounts online. It is a security measure that means unless you log into your social media, online banking or email accounts via Yubico when in public, you will be unable to do so. It is an extra layer of encryption, which keeps your information secure.

Next Base In-Car Cam | £79 at Argos

This click-and-go GPS, full HD camera films in colour and is able to capture clear footage whilst you drive. It is the perfect gift for anyone that is a keen driver, or in his or her car a lot. This camera by Next Base is compatible in all vehicles. It has a parking mode, meaning that the camera recording is activated by movement and has a corresponding app for both android and IOS phones. It is able to play back videos, it has GPS logging and supports up to 32GB Micro SD cards. It is a fantastic piece of equipment that is designed to keep drivers safe and hold people accountable should anything happens whilst on the road.

Tech 21 Evo Phone Wallet | From £29.99 at very.co.uk

Phones are becoming more and more like computers, and their value is forever increasing. Tech 21 provide a great range of phone covers that help to protect mobiles. They contain a patented FlexShock impact protection that helps to protect your phone even when dropped from a height of up to ten foot. They are lightweight and have a secure clip on the side, making them very convenient and comfortable. They are slim line meaning that they can still fit into handbags and pockets, whilst ensuring that your phone is protected at all times.


The Men’s Beauty Lovers Gift Guide

For the men in your life that love a pamper and a beauty product or two to help keep their skin feeling energised, fresh and cleansed…

Magn!tone Energising Face Wash | £9.99 at LookFantastic.com

The Clean Sweep Energising Face Wash is designed to stimulate the skin providing it with a surge of energy. It is a great product that contains caffeine, which reduces the appearance of tired looking skin, providing a more youthful look to the face. This face wash can be used both morning and night, and enhances the skin, resulting in a healthy tone and texture.

Magn!tone Resilience Moisturiser | £12 at LookFantastic.com

Along side the Energising Face Wash, Magn!tone also have a Resilience Moisturiser within their Clean Sweep range. It is the perfect partner for any men that have a love for skincare. It provides 24-hour hydration and comes packaged in an easily dispensed, pump container. This moisturiser is known for its potent energy release and contains a number of vitamins that stimulate and activate the skins metabolism. It is suitable for all skin types and can be applied twice daily if needed.

Remington Durablade | £49.99 at Argos

What better way to keep the men in your life looking well groomed than with this amazing shaver? The groomer features trim shave technology that means they can use it to shave any length of hair down to 0.2mm micro stubble. Usable wet or dry, it’s great for tidying and shaping, as well as shaving. The colour is also bright but not off putting which means your fellas don’t need to be stuck to the usual black or grey of grooming gadgets. (Check the full review here)

Embryolisse For Men Aftershave Balm | £19 at Boots

A fantastic product for any men in your life that shave on a regular basis. This post shave balm is suitable for all skin types and is designed to calm the skin and make it feel soothed and soft. It decreases the signs of redness after shaving, due to its anti-inflammatory ingredients. It hydrates and nourishes the skin, providing it with a matte finish.


The Home Lovers Gift Guide

For those that love all things homely, these picks are perfect for home fragrance lovers and people that enjoy a cosy night in…


Monsoon Fragrance Set | From £17.99 at Monsoon.co.uk

The home fragrance set from Monsoon is the perfect gift for any home lover. It is extremely affordable and packaged in a lovely way, making this gift look and feel more luxurious. For the festive season they have brought out an Amber & Frankincense scent, which smells really Christmas-y. There is both a diffuser and a candle in this sent, which perfectly compliment each other. Whether it is for a secret Santa, your mum or your sister, this home fragrance set will be very popular across the board with its rich, warm, woody fragrance.

PaddyWax Candles | £10 – £30 on Hurn & Hurn

These American, hand poured candles are the perfect gift for any home lover this Christmas. The Black body and copper lid of the Bergamot and Mahogany candle provide a very Hygge feel, the Scandinavian term for comfort and calm. The iridescent base and copper lid of the Cotton & Teak candle is slightly more luxurious and would be a perfect fit for a bedroom or bathroom. These minimalistic candles are ideal for both men and women as both stocking fillers and secret Santa gifts.

Joules Scarf | £19.99 at Psyche

This beautiful scarf from Joules is the ideal gift for any woman on your Christmas gift list. The lovely, complimentary colours mean that it can be worn with a number of different outfits and styled in a number of different ways. It can be worn as both a winter warmer, or as part of an outfit, due to its universal style. This is again suitable across the board as it is so fluid in its style. The price is also very affordable making it a great stocking filler, a secret Santa gift, or it could be part of a gift for a main family member.

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