Vitage Age Defence Body Therapy

Vitage Age Defence Body TherapyVitage Age Defence Body Therapy

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They say

Vitage® Age Defence Body Therapy is a daily anti-ageing all over body hydrator that is instantly absorbed to deliver all-day moisture whilst helping to firm the skin – instant body therapy and great for dry legs. The multi tasking formula softens, brightens and firms the skin and includes Pentavitin an intensive plant derived active that retains moisture for up to 72 hours.

We say

Vitage have a full compliment of products to tackle the trials and tribulations of ageing. After using the Vitage Age Defence Body Therapy I am going to try a few more out.

The ubiquitous ingredients that a lot of other products have, come first, then the 6th one down is Argania Spinosa oil. This is also known as argan oil and has become quite the superstar in the beauty world over the last few years.  To the point where you are hard pressed to find a product without it in. This is a “super sized” ingredient as it contains high levels of antioxidants, essential fatty acids and natural vitamin E. In fact this oil contains three times the amount of anti-ageing properties of any other natural oil. There is also olive oil, jojoba oil and yet more argania spinosa in the form of kernel extract. So it’s packed full of things to moisturise, slow down the ageing process and repair the skin. This is in addition of mushroom extract that boosts the immune system and delays age related deterioration. And, finally ginger, which, is a powerful anti inflammatory and antioxidant which is good for muscle pain and soreness so you are getting a fully rounded treatment.

I found that the cream sank in quickly. Which, may be because I am fresh back from two weeks of sunbathing so my skin is quite desiccated.  And yes I know, sunbathing = bad.  Staying under the umbrella = good.  Still it has restored my moisture levels nicely and has a nice understated aroma that did not clash with my perfume.

I am absolutely the right age bracket for this product to show off its prowess. My skin on a daily basis can be dried out again later in the day and this cream kept me moist and glowing around the clock. I am confident that the ingredient list is full of good things that will do what they promise.

Text explaining the product is minimal and simple and tells the highlights of the cream without getting too scientific or preachy. The box was a simple smooth cardboard that was equally unflashy. Just doing the job in a simple chic way.

Conclusion: I was very impressed with the texture and results so far of this product. I will definitely be buying other products in the range which shows how much I rate it.  The plumping up of the skin on the backs of my hands indicates what is happening elsewhere. I am very happy to have been introduced to this range.



Cool calm and collected in a soothing visual way. Very nice indeed.


Very effective in a short space of time. My skin is moisturised and pumped full of wonderful ingredients to tackle ageing.

Value for Money

I consider this good value. Even though there are many similar products for much less I feel this is delivering a salon/spa like result.


It is rare for me to be so effusive so please take this to show how good this unassuming product is.


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Vitage Age Defence Body Therapy

Age Defence Body Therapy, £36.00 Vitage


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