Walking For Exercise and Wearable Tech

It’s Walking Awareness Month so we’re asking to walk or not to walk? A conundrum we often face when weighing up whether to walk, or whether to entertain less physically-taxing forms of transport. Trains, buses and taxis have had their fare share of wins – but walking is on the rise.

The reason? Undoubtedly the presence of wearable devices. In recent years, the explosion of intuitive wearable technology has encouraged more and more people to get their feet moving, track their data and compete with friends. It’s estimated that the worldwide revenue generated by the sale of wearable devices is expected to exceed the $70billion mark. Need I say more? Walking is now fashionable and competitive – and perhaps most importantly, keeps people active and moving.


Image of 4 wearable devices on a table
Wearables; powering people worldwide


Walk this way

As previously mentioned, the presence of wearables and their data-bearing ways have given our walking patterns a much-needed shot in the arm. As we know by now, Fitbit is a market leader in wearable devices, with a strong range of tech designed to keep us engaged with the process of every day exercise, and with our progress. Our natural inquisitive nature comes to the fore when we can see how many steps we’ve completed in one day. As well as how many calories burned or how our heart rate can spike and drop. Fitbit’s ability to monitor every part of our day, including activity, exercise, food, weight and sleep is quite remarkable. These technological advances have made light exercise such as walking that bit more fun, and more and more people are ditching transport for their own two feet with the help of brands such as Fitbit.

Picture of two Fitbit devices
The Fitbit – a staple in the wearable arena


A pathway to more

Can wearable devices allow us to get more out of ourselves? In a word, yes. There’s no doubt that the presence of wearable tech has heavily contributed to spikes in not just walking, but more strenuous forms of exercise. Along with Fitbit, Apple are a heavy contributor to the wearable tech game.In particular, the Apple Watch Nike+ has made plenty of waves in recent years.

In conjunction with the Nike Run Club app (a personal favourite of mine), Apple’s wearable device offers in-app coaching and detailed GPS technology, recording the details of your workouts to really get you going. It’s clear that being able to track workouts to this degree is an incentive to train and go further with our movement, from the base roots of walking to taking on the roads, trails and gyms.

Apple Watch Nike+ Walking Awareness Month
A path into elite training – the Apple Watch Nike+

Competing with wearable devices

Hands up if you have a natural competitive spirit! The presence of wearable devices in today’s realm has energised the natural competitive drive that lives within all of us. Sharing workout data with friends, family and work colleagues initiates healthy competition – a catalyst for increased walking and movement. There’s nothing better than being able to get one-up on the people close to you when you’ve walked further or completed more steps. Especially if you have the data to back it up.

Why is this good? It just means we are more inclined to move more; I for one have had plenty of views of my Nike Friends leaderboard on the Nike Run Club app! The competition derived from wearable devices is something that has no doubt contributed to the increase in walkers and movers. If healthy competition increases people’s desire to get themselves going, then I’m all for it.

Walking Awareness Month
Look, I’ve done more steps than you!


It’s impossible to deny that wearable devices are a staple in today’s society. You’ll struggle to get through a day without seeing someone fixated on their Fitbit or in awe of their Apple Watch. Our every day walking routines are now supercharged, giving us data and filling us with intrigue. Are wearable devices here to stay? You bet! And since May is Walking Awareness Month why not start giving it a try.

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