We Try You Buy Wellness: Olverum Bath Oil



Olverum Bath Oil

Price: £53.00 (250ml); £29.00 (125ml)

Stockists: Liberty, Harvey Nichols, Conran and www.houseoffraser.co.uk.



They say: It is the ultimate soothing and relaxing travel companion, so restorative after a frazzled or jet jagged journey. It is also a very effective stress reliever, and perfect sleep aid – also ideal as a treat for post-exercise aching or sore muscles.

We say: Whilst I am by no means claiming to be a party animal (those days are well and truly behind me before you butt in) I do love a evening out. In my line of work there are launches and previews a plenty on a daily basis and who doesn’t love a glass (or three) of bubbly every now and again. Well, I now have some competition for my evening down-time and who may you ask is threatening to make my evenings all the more interesting? Bath oil – Olverum Bath Oil to be precise. One of the major perks of running the website is the products that I get to trial and I’m keen to create a forum whereby I give my honest opinion about various products and services to give you the readers some insightful food for thought before you part with your cash.  I was kindly offered a generous 250ml bottle of the luxury bath oil to trial and for one reason or another I ony got around to trying it out for the first time last Tuesday night.  When the oil arrived in the post over a few months back I didn’t even have to open the package to know what was in it – the smell permeating from the non-descript jiffy bag was a good sign – think uber luxury hotel treatment room.


As I write this I’m currently abroad on an extended work/leisure break so with the stress of having to pack two months worth of summer clothing and footwear into only two suitcases and the added prospect of a six-hour night flight I figured the night before my flight would be a great time to try out the oil. I started the bath, poured in a generous amount of drops and left the bathroom to grab a few essentials. Upon returning I audibly cooed. The bathroom smelt of mint and pine needles. A quick read of the packaging confirmed that the bath oil contained Siberian fir needle oil and eucalyptus oil amongst others. My first thought was that this would be great if I had a mild cold.  The steam mixed with the essential oils gave an instant invigorating yet relaxing aroma. As I sat in the bath for a good 10/15 minute soak I then started thinking of all the occasions over the past two months, while the oil has sat on my shelf gathering dust , that I could have benefited from the bath oil.  At £48.00 a pop for the 250ml bottle the bath oil is by no means cheap neither will you have to remortgage your house to keep a steady supply. The 250ml bottle should last for 50 baths whilst the smaller 125ml bottle retails at £26.00 and will last for approximately 25 baths.  Would I pay £48.00 for a bottle. Yes without hesitation.  My skin felt like silk after exiting the bath and I genuinely felt relaxed and ready for bed. I tend not to moisture at night after I’ve showered or bathed (to let my skin breath) and my skin still felt soft in the morning.  I would however use it sparingly and for those evenings when I particularly need to unwind and/or de-stress. Save it for treat times and you’ll be glad you did.



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