We Try You Buy Wellness: TREE VITALISE Birch Water


TreeVitalise Organic Birch Water

Price: £2.49 (250ml) Original, Mint or Lemon

Stockists: Budgens, Holland & Barrett, Revital, Selfridges & more

They say: No longer nature’s best kept secret, TreeVitalise birch waters are organic and unsweetened. But there’s more. With each of them you get nature’s own blend of nutrients, brewed inside a tree!  TreeVitalise Original is birch sap tapped straight from the tree – a burst of spring freshness.  To make our organic TreeVitalise birch water infusions, we don’t use artificial flavourings. Instead, we simply infuse the sap with organic mint leaves and lemon, for a pleasant variety and added soothing or extra fresh taste.

We say: I tried both the lemon and mint version. The mint version (the mint is very subtle) actually has a slightly sweet aftertaste but has citcic acid in it so has a good balance. The lemon version (which was my favourite) has a very pleasant taste and is the right side of sharp for me to make it very refreshing drink. Aesthetically the drinks looks impressive as it comes in little glass bottles.

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