We Try You Buy Wellness: TRUE NOPAL Cactus Water


true nopal cactus water

Price: £1.69 (330ml) £3.49 (1L)

Stockists: As Nature Intended, Boots Nationwide, Ocado & Waitrose

They say: true nopal cactus not only survives in the desert it grows, it thrives, and even produces a fruit called the prickly pear. From it, comes the true nopal cactus water. With a refreshing fruity taste, true nopal cactus water is 100% natural with no added sugar or preservatives and it also has half the amount of calories compared to other leading coconut waters… Not bad for something that grows in the dessert!

We say: I’ve never had the opportunity to taste cactus water but for some reason I imagined it to have an almost sour aftertaste much like aloe vera.  Considering the product has no added sugar the cactus water had a touch of sweetness. It reminded me of a melted ice pole after you’ve sucked the majority of the juice out. So there is a hint of flavour but it still feels like you’re drinking water as opposed to fruit juice. I tend to add water to most of my fruit juices so this flavour was great for me.


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