We Try You Buy Wellness: WHAT A MELON Watermelon Water


What A Melon Watermelon Water

Price: £2.29 (330ml)

Stockists: Abokado, Amazon.co.uk, Holland & Barrett, itsu, Planet Organic, Sainsbury’s & Whole Foods

They say: Never ever from concentrate, we’ve made it exactly the way it should be, with no added sugar and of course, absolutely nothing artificial.  People say it’s a delicious alternative to coconut water since it’s packed full of rehydrating electrolytes, but the truth is, it’s even better than coconut water (although you didn’t hear that from us!). Unlike coconut water, watermelon water contains the awesome antioxidant lycopene and the muscle loving amino acid citrulline which means it’s perfect for your post-workout parch AND your summer party groove!

We say: This was another first for me. I love watermelon and only like eating it when it’s in season (it’s sweeter) so was excited to try the watermelon water. First impression was that it was very tasty and the added lemon is a nice touch because it takes away some of the sweetness which I can imagine would make the drink taste less like a water and more like a fruit juice.  My first thought was that this would be great in cocktails so I will definitely be trying this out as a mixture as well 🙂

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