We Went To The Glossier Showroom So You Don’t Have To

A few weeks ago I went to New York on holiday and I wouldn’t be a true Glossier fan if I hadn’t visited the infamous Glossier Showroom.

Glossier showroom
The Glossier Showroom downtown at 123 Lafayette Street

I didn’t have any expectations when I decided to visit the Glossier showroom. Imagine my surprise when I arrive 123 Lafayette Street and there’s a queue outside the building’s entrance to get in. A fellow glossier fan informs me that it is because the showroom is tiny. It makes sense. It is something like 35 degrees in New York and it starts to rain when a Glossier employee appears out of nowhere wearing a millennial pink jumpsuit that looks like a female version of a 1960 mechanic.

She is carrying Glossier transparent umbrellas that the two girls in front of me take a selfie with. I make a friend in the queue and we share the umbrella. Her name is Charlie and she wants to buy a present for her sister. Girls smile at each other in the queue. We are part of the Glossier family. Charlie and I make it into the lift. I notice that the building is also home to Into The Gloss. For a split second, I imagine what it must be like going to work there every day and write articles about skincare and beauty. The doors open. I am excited. There it is, the glossier showroom in the flesh.

Glossier showroom

It is everything I imagined. The walls are millennial pink and white. EVERY Glossier product is displayed on white tables. The employees are all gorgeous and I want to live there. Tables are split into different categories depending on the products. There’s eye makeup, makeup, perfume, skincare etc… There are a lot of mirrors and there’s a sink with a mirror so you can wash off things you try on. You can try every single item, except for Solution because it’s always sold out. They have spoolies and spatulas on display so you can try on their mascara, concealer, boy brow, milky jelly cleanser, face masks, everything.

Glossier showroom

Charlie walks in, get her things, and pays. She knows how this thing works. I have to admit I am confused and overwhelmed and have no clue of how this showroom works. Where can I pay? Where are all the products? Can you hire me? There is a little till area with a desk towards the back, but no actual till. Charlie says bye to me and I should’ve asked for her Instagram because I know we could have been great friends.

Glossier showroom

I am now on a mission, I walk towards an employee with an iPad and tell her that I want to order things. I select what I want to buy on the iPad, she asks for my name, I swipe my card and it is over. She is so nice and her skin is glowing. Then someone behind the counter/till comes out saying my name and she gives me my Glossier bag. It has a sticker with my name on it and all my new babies are in the bag. Obviously, after this, I take a picture of myself with my bag in front of their iconic “You Look Good Mirror”. Of course, it was for Instagram.

Glossier showroom

So in conclusion, everything was millennial pink and I was happy.

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