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After much fanfare Apple’s highly anticipated smartwatch, the Watch, finally hits wrists today.  Unless you’ve pre-ordered one though, don’t expect to get your hands on one of these just yet.   Whilst the watches won’t be in physical stores till at least the summer pre-orders are still being taken online so put that sleeping bag away.



Apple have tried to cater to as many of us as possible with three styles.  The first is the standard Watch which is housed in either a stainless steel or space black case, sapphire crystal display face and a choice of straps.  The Watch Sport cases are made from lightweight anodised aluminium in silver and space grey.  The display face is strengthened Ion-X glass and the straps come in a choice of five fluorescent colours. Finally there is the Watch Edition for those after a luxury feel.  Buyers can choose from a choice of eight models each crafted from 18-carat gold.  The display face is protected by polished sapphire crystal and an equally luxury strap to boot.


Speaking on the eve of the launch of the pre-orders (10th April) Angela Ahrendts, Apple’s senior vice president of Retail and Online Stores said, “We are excited to welcome customers tomorrow and introduce them to Apple Watch, our most personal device yet. Based on the tremendous interest from people visiting our stores, as well as the number of customers who have gone to the Apple Online Store to mark their favourite Apple Watch ahead of availability, we expect that strong customer demand will exceed our supply at launch…To provide the best experience and selection to as many customers as we can, we will be taking orders for Apple Watch exclusively online during the initial launch period.”


Price start at £479.00 for the Watch, £299.00 for the Watch Sport and £8,000.00 for the Watch Edition.  Want one?  Be sure to schedule an appointment for a demo and opportunity to pre-order one for yourself.


By: Huna @ihunnamatata


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