Wearable Tech: Asus VivoWatch

ASUS have followed up their Zenwatch with their second smartwatch – VivoWatch.  Their latest offering is aimed at the fitness conscious amongst us.



Since joining Gymbox just before Christmas I’ve stepped up my workout gear big time. I’m not ashamed and the incentive to get value for money from my new fitness wardrobe has meant that I’m making good use of my membership (which isn’t cheap)! My kit of old faded t shirts and retro cycling shorts have been replaced with colour coordinated performance gear that would be better suited on an Olympic hopeful.  Nonetheless I look the part and I genuinely enjoy going to the gym again (I’m not sure if this will last but I’m going to run with it).   Which brings me to my interest in fitness related smartwear and the purpose of this post.  If like me you’ve been after a fitness centric smartwatch that can double as a fashion piece then the VivoWatch is worth a look-in.  Oh, and did I mention that it was only £120.00?




ASUS certainly now how to make a good-looking watch.  Other appealing qualities of the VivoWatch includes a whopping battery life of up to 10 days.  It’s compatible with both Android and iPhone and features technology to monitor your heart rate, track your sleep and summarise your overall health and fitness wellbeing.  Other features include a UV sensor and IP67 waterproofing.  More information will become available once the Vivowatch goes on sale which will be next month (May 2015).


ASUS VivoWatch will be available in the UK from May 2015 (exact date tbc) from Amazon, Watchshop.com and selected Goldsmiths stores.


By: Huna @ihunnamatata


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