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They’re finally here! If you’re a gadget fan you’ll have been rubbing your hands with glee in the anticipation of the commercial launch of Google’s latest ‘must-have’.  Yes – they do look like something out of a sci-fi movie but they are definitely much more aesthetically pleasing than some of the earlier prototypes.




If I’m honest I’m in two minds about this.  The Google Glass does practically everything.  It takes pictures, translates signs, gives you directions, searches the internet for you and wipes your arse (ok, I made the last one up – but it may as well).  Yes it’s impressive and depending on your lifestyle it could easily become  a welcome addition – for example I see some of the benefits it can provide with sports tuition etc i.e. golf . But ultimately this will make us more lazy and less sociable.



Gone are the days when you’ll need to ask a stranger for directions after Google map has sent you the long way round – but how else do you learn your surroundings if you don’t get lost from time to time – I still carry around a pocket A-Z  – I’m very retro like that.


For £1,000+ you can join the beta programme and be one of the first to experience the Google Glass by purchasing the Glass Explorer Edition which is available in a choice of  five colours (black, red, white, brown or blue).




Google Glass (red, white or brown), £1120.00 Mr Porter mrporter.com (UK shipping only)



So will this be the next big thing? Will this make it harder for us to switch off? Have you bought one yet? We’d love to know what you think of it whether good or bad! Join the discussion – tweet us at @ithestylist or comment below…


By: Huna @ihunnamatata


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