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Ever wonder if the quality of your reps in the gym are doing the job?  Yes – then you’ll be interested to hear about Gymwatch.  This is fitness tracking with a difference.  The device is strapped around the wearer’s arm or leg and using sensors tracks the quality of your reps.






The inventor of the Gymwatch, Fabian Walke, explains the reason for the device.  He said, “I noticed whenever I was working out at the gym, people were either performing their exercises too hectically and on the wrong motion axes, which caused them to overexert themselves, or they were barely breaking a sweat,”.  He continued, “With the Gymwatch we’re aiming to help people hit the exact right target for their unique fitness ability and goals, whether they’re die-hard or aspiring fitness buffs.”




Users have a choice of 900 exercises which they can load on their iOS or Android smartphone. As well as differentiating between full and partial reps the Gymwatch then sends the data to a partner app which then offers real time coaching on the user’s technique.  There is also the option of a personalised training plan to ensure you are not overloading or under-loading your muscles allowing you to get the most out of your workout.




Gymwatch is available now and is priced at $199.00


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