Wearable Tech: KAZbrella

Our wearable tech feature this week seems completely inappropriate with the unusually fine weather we’re currently experiencing in the UK. Dare I say it – we may have a real summer this year i.e. sunshine for three months consecutively.  So, despite the lack of rain (for the next 48 hours at least) it’s still worthwhile speaking to you about KAZbrella.


kazbrella (640x427)


Yes – the name doesn’t necessarily roll off the tongue but hey, it’s an umbrella – and a downright good one at that. We all know the challenges a wet umbrella in the handbag or on public transport poses. And don’t get me started about trying to get into the car whilst protecting a freshly coiffed barnet.  In an answer to all our prayers aeronautical and offshore engineer, Jenan has created the KAZbrella. The main draw of this patented new design is that unlike a conventional umbrella the KAZbrella opens inside out.  Huh you say?  Check the pictures below…


modular-smartphone-cases-and-the-hottest-kickstarters-this-week (640x434)


The idea started as a mere concept seven years ago and in May 2015 the family-run business launched a campaign through Kickstarter to fund the manufacturing process.  They successfully raised £265,397 and expect to deliver the first batch of KAZbrellas in October (2015). Will you be buying one?  Visit their website kazbrella.com to stay updated…


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By: Huna @ihunnamatata


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