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The choice for practical, stylish wearable tech for women gets bigger and better by the month.  The concept of MEMI came into fruition in 2013 when the team behind the smart bracelet raised $101,144 on Kickstarter to fund production.


MEMI: Wearable Technology Made By Women for Women from MEMI on Vimeo.


Leslie Pierson, a former strategy consultant at Bain & Company, and Margaux Guerard, a luxury marketing professional, started MEMI following Pierson’s desire to find a convenient place to store her iPhone so that she wouldn’t miss calls or notifications.  Their website reads, “She routinely missed phone calls because she didn’t hear her phone ringing or feel it vibrating in her purse. She resorted to having her phone out in meetings or on the dinner table because she could not afford to miss a call from her family. Feeling rude, anxious, and distracted all of the time, Leslie decided there had to be a way to solve this problem!”




The MEMI is currently only compatible with the iOS (iPhone 4S and up) operating system. There are plans to accommodate more operating systems with Android next on the list.  Unlike a lot of smart bracelets on the market the MEMI has no display – which means that it looks like a regular piece of jewellery. Instead the MEMI connects to your smartphone via wireless technology and discreetly vibrates to alert the wearer to relevant calls and notifications.  Features include double tap motion sensing, three distinct vibrations and a hidden Micro-USB port.


Memi 3


Once launched the MEMI will initially only be available in silver with a collection of additional colours/finishes to follow.  The makers have invited interested parties to have a hand in choosing the available colours and metals.






Click here to help design MEMI.


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